Sunday, November 14, 2010

Men in Skirts

This month my hubby was given the highest honor by our metropolitan issue of Skirt magazine. I'm sure most all of your cities have Skirt or a magazine like it. They are those free newspaper-ish monthly issues that spotlight local stores, trends, fashion, and the like. Ours is the Columbia/Augusta area.
Every month, the magazine chooses a man for their "He's So Original" piece. Mike says he really doesn't know why he was picked, so I'll give you my reasons. He's very active in our town's community. Tea Garden is a favorite store of many women around here. Also, I think he's pretty easy on the eyes!

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...  
My husband - in a SKIRT!
Double-click on the picture to read parts of the article.

And yes, he is wearing MY Lilly skirt. 
(Thank goodness he couldn't zip up the back!)


  1. Congrats to Mike!

    Well of course he is wearing Lilly ~ it really shows off his legs :)


  2. Great article- I'll pick up a copy next time I'm in the city.

  3. So great! Congrats to Mike and to you! Y'all should definitely send Lilly's people a copy of this! xo

  4. I am MIGHTY impressed. I've only known one man to make it into the Charleston SKIRT...and while it wasn't my husband it was a former student of mine. I know you're proud!!

  5. Okay, so I heard part of this story the other night, but wasn't sure if I heard correctly. Now I get it!! Tell Mike I said Congrats and nice legs!!!! hee hee

  6. YAY!!! Congratulations! That is so fantastic...I am so excited and can't wait to snag a copy to see for myself. That is an amazing honor and I love the Lilly skirt. :) Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love that you put him in Lily!! Hahahahah!

  8. Great profile! And love that they got him to wear a skirt - too funny! My mom brought back a copy of Skirt when she last visited Charleston. It's a great publication. We have something similar here called "Underwired."

  9. What a delightful honor for you both; congratulations!

  10. oh what fun! i love skirt! (boston has one) and i actually helped develop a similar concept in lexington, ky! and i love that he's wearing one of your lilly's! i knew there was no way it was zipped in back! what fun! he must have a great sense of humor -- i don't think i could even get mr prep in a pink shirt, let alone a skirt! :-)

  11. This is wonderful...the accolade, the skirt itself and your husband's can-do attitude :) Definitely an honor well deserved!

    If Columbia made a men's flyfishing skirt...maybe they could get my James into it, lol. Best to you both, Lachlan


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