Friday, April 30, 2010

Summertime is for Seersucker

Received an email a few days ago from the bastion of men's clothing:  Brooks Brothers. Love, love, love the website, and have had so much fun picking out "nice" summer clothes for the boys.  I am just in love with all the seersucker!  Thank goodness they are partial to it too.  I am even ordering for myself, and I'm thinking a summer photo in the cool mountains will be in order with the some of goodies we have picked out. Won't we be just dashing?



(not ordering for him as he already has blue, red, AND green!!!)

Here are some other seersucker goodies available from my beloved Brooks Brothers (although we are passing - this time!).

Oh, I am so ready to feel that cool, crisp feel of seersucker... it makes my heart scream, "SUMMERTIME!"  ...And, yippee!  Only twenty-four more days!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday's Kitchen Inspirations

I have this little easel by my coffee pot.  It is Proverbs 24:3-4.  Glancing at it each day reminds me that as my husband and I continue to build our home for our family, we must continue to grow in Wisdom.  Not the wisdom we all have to know what foods are healthy for our children to eat.  Not the wisdom to keep our cars and sprinkler systems maintained.  Not the wisdom to help our children with their homework.  We must grow in the Wisdom that is of God.  This Knowledge (Wisdom) sustains my family... and our home.  And everyday, I see its rooms filled with the rare and beautiful treasures.

Friday, April 23, 2010

DesignHer Bevy!

How many of you have discovered this fun website: I do know a bunch of you have as I have seen a few of your creations on your blogs.  I had more fun a few weeks ago "putting myself together" as it was.  It's like making your very own virtual paper doll!

What cute clothes and shoes!  Jack Rogers, TB Revas, Longchamp bags.  (Wish they had cute Lilly skirts!!!) And how did they ever know my exact hair style and "cullah"???  I created my Bevy as my profile picture on Facebook.  When my husband saw it, he was pretty amazed at how much he thought it looked like me - and my personality.  You must try it!  Very fun...

Other than it being a little more trim 
than I am in real life...
Welcome to Me!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday's Kitchen Inspirations

This picture was taken this past Saturday evening at my father's 70th birthday party (this post).  However, today is actually the big day.  Here is G-dad (pronounced Gui-dad like the French Gui) with his four doting grandchildren, my two boys and their cute cousins.  This is already in a frame in our kitchen... therefore, a Tuesday's Kitchen Inspiration!

G-dad is a rather unusual name, I know.  As the oldest, Sumter was the one who came up with it.  (I too was the oldest grandchild, and I had the honor of "christening" my grandmother Muz... even the great-grands call her Grandmuz!)  My father is also named Sumter (see this post on how we are ALL named after relatives, both dead and alive!).  And his father was named Sumter.  We called him "Grandaddy Sump".  When my Sumter was a baby, my father wanted to carry on the "Granddaddy Sump" tradition (goodness gracious, we don't like to break with tradition in my family, do we???).  Anyway, that is quite a mouthful for a toddler, and anything Sumter couldn't say, he called Ya-ya instead.  So guess what Sumter called my father?

I suggested that "Granddaddy Sump" was a little more than he could handle... why don't we try "Grand-dad" and work our way towards the desired moniker?  We tried it.  And Sumter took one look at his grandfather and said, "G-dad".  Not quite what my father was looking for... but when asked how he liked being called G-dad, my father would laugh and, with a twinkle in his eye, answer, "Well, it sure beats Ya-ya." 

We think G-dad fits you perfectly and couldn't imagine any other name for you... You are the one and only.  We love you G-dad!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Would You Care to Shag... um, I Mean Dance?

Last night we celebrated my father's 70th birthday.  My mother, sister and I sent out almost 100 invitations for a soiree with jambalaya, beer and shagging.  It was a wonderful affair, with 150 of his dearest and closest friends celebrating a man they love.  The supper was eaten, the Amber Bach consumed, and the shagging commenced. 

"What?  The 'shagging commenced?' " you non-southerners may say.  (And you Brits may be a little more appalled.)  Yes, shagging.  I do know what some of you may associate with the term, but if you live south of the Mason-Dixon line, your parents do it right in front of you, and encourage you to do so too!

Shagging is the state dance of South Carolina... yes, our legislature obviously didn't have much on their plates the year it was passed.  Think a variation of the 40's jitterbug, old Motown (affectionately called "Beach Music"), and a couple in bare feet on the beach.  Shagging is so ingrained in our society down here that at my debutante balls, in addition to the Grand March and the waltz, we danced to The Drifters, The Four Tops, The Temptations, and the other old Motown bands.

I, like all other young southerners, was expected to learn how to shag.  My parents are fabulous dancers, and my mother taught me by having me hold onto a door handle as "my partner" when I was around twelve or thirteen.  She also had me hold a pencil between my fingers and a cup of water filled to the rim in one hand because she knew that at some point I would probably have a "drink" and cigarette while I was dancing and she didn't want me to spill either.  (Yes, this is Mimi from previous posts!)  Needless to say, my sister and I are pros, and nary a drop has ever been spilled by either of us!

So now it is my turn to teach my children.  Sumter just started dancing with me just this past month.  And I must say he is pretty good.  So glad he is a willing partner!  Last night, he wanted to try some of the moves he saw the adults dancing.  I wish we had some pictures of us...

But I do have these little gems.  
This is Jackson and his best friend/cousin MS.  
Aren't they precious?

Please excuse the pollen "dots"!

Can you say "Dancing with the Stars"?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mom, I thought my name was D*** it

In reading Jillian, Inc.'s post from a week or so ago, I was reminded that I say "damn it" too much.  But you really wouldn't know it spending time with me... just me. I am the girl who always says "Oh, my word!" and "Oh, my goodness!" - not "Oh, my God".   I say "shoot" and "shucks" - not "s***".  I say "That really irritates me" - not "That p***** me off".  I just don't.

But I do the "damn it" quite a bit.  And it's when I have FINALLY HAD IT with one or both of the boys.  I admit it.  I crack.  I am spent.  I am done. I'm like the Bill Cosby comedy segment where " brother Russell thought his name was Damn it!"

My youngest told his Mimi (my mother) a few weeks ago that I cursed at them.

Mimi:  Oh my, what does she say?
Jackson: She says "the D word".
Mimi:  Well, what do you do to make her say that?

Thank you Mimi!  I love you!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's Kitchen Inspirations

Ok, so I already gushed over Sumter in my last post, 
but eleven years ago today... 
on a Tuesday morning in fact, a little miracle arrived.  

It's hard to believe that this little six pound bundle
on Tuesday morning, April 13, 1999

is this sleeping bundle
on Tuesday morning, April 13, 2010.
Happy Birthday, Big Guy!
You are an inspiration and
I love you...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Weekend with Two Special Treats!

Most of you know that the boys have been away for the past week.  Yesterday, I picked them up at my mother's (they had been dropped off there... not really important enough reason why to explain!).  As I got out of the car, Sumter ran out of the house, wrapped his arms around me, and surprised me with,
"Mama, why are you so pretty?"

Sumter with
 his cousin  whom he adores!

And when sweet husband came home from the Masters
this evening, he had a surprise for me too!
 (This is the no lipstick look...)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Love Your Blog Too

I have been given the I Love Your Blog Award two dear blog friends:  Housewife Bliss and Entertaining Mom at The Entertaining House!  Housewife Bliss is an ex-pat living across the pond who inspires us all to not only be gracious and thorough homemakers, but do it with a smile and more than just a bit of wit.  Love her!  Entertaining Mom is one of my favorites out there and has become more than just a comment on my blogs but a true friend I have turned to on more than one occasion!

I thank both of you and  I love that you love me back!

Now...I must
  • List ten things that I love.
  • Pass the award on to 5 blog friends.
  • And link and thank my cute friends who gave the award to me.
Things that I absolutely love...

 1. The smell of Thymes Eucalyptus... 
so clean and fresh.
 2. When my husband sends me
flowers at school for no reason, 
just because he loves me.

3. The boys when they feel so
proud of themselves.

4. Bagpipes and Celtic music.

5. My annual beach trip with college friends, 
and knowing that after almost twenty years 
of doing this, it only gets better and better!

6. The smell of the mountains in the summer.

7. Fresh lilies and tulips in my home.

8. The boys snuggling up with us 
in our bed on Saturday mornings.

9. Entertaining friends and family.

10. Being a South Carolinian.

Here are the cute bloggers whom I have grown to love! 
(I love SO MANY of you, but didn't want to 
duplicate the award given by others...)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Honeymoon Week

Some of you know that our sons are not with us this week.  (They are with their father, AKA "Fun Dad", at Disney World.  How cliche is that?)  And yes, I do miss them - alot.  A week is a long time not to see them.

However... Mike and I have had quite the stay-cation.  Other than most of the day on his birthday (see last post), we have had a wonderful week.   In fact, I do believe that because of said tiff, we really talked WITH EACH OTHER more than we have in a long time.  This week, we are completely focusing on just the two of us. We aren't shuttling back and forth to baseball and play practice. We are having conversations - with no interruptions.  We sat outside one beautiful night, just looking out at our yard that is beginning to bloom.  We have been on two dates... and are going on date three tonight!

I think we needed this week... 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday's Kitchen Inspirations

Every morning, this handsome guy rolls into the kitchen to grab his coffee.  That's why today, my husband is my Tuesday Kitchen Inspiration.  Yesterday was his birthday.  I won't tell you how old he is (except that he is two years older than me, and my birthday is in a few months...)!  And I also won't lie and tell you it was a wonderful day... we got into a little tiff for part of the day.  Yes, it was his fault.  But by around 4:00, everything was more than fine.  (This picture is on our way to dinner... which was divine, by the way!)

But why am I even bringing this up?  Because of how the above incident was rectified.  How he, my wonderful husband, fixed it.  He apologized.  He said, "I'm sorry.  I love you.  I hate that I made my bride upset."  I don't know many men who do that - first.  Who admit when they are wrong.  Who don't try to justify everything.  Who see that it sometimes is their fault.  Who are man enough to listen and take it all.

But I do know one man... and I do love you!

On another, completely different note, our store has been chosen to be Shopaholic in Alabama's "Shopaholic Giveaway Days" first giveaway!  She always has the inside scoop on good sales, great new shops around the country, and amazing finds.  And... I love reading about her wonderful DH!  What a cute couple they are!  Sweet Shopaholic has written quite a description of Tea Garden and all we have to offer.  Thank you, dahlin'! 

Oh... what are we giving away?  Go to her blog and see!  (Hint:  If you are pink and GREEN, you'll Lilly LOVE it!)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


 picture courtesy of Google images

But the angel answered and said to the women, 
"Do not be afraid, for I know that 
you seek Jesus who was crucified.  
He is not here; for He is risen, as He said..."
Matthew 28:5-6

Alleluia, He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hard post to write... but one that must be read...

Just last night, Beth (Social Climbers) and I were competing with each other on Facebook to see who was the "worst" mom with the "worst" vignettes from our children.  It was getting rather late in the evening and I was laughing so hard at the things that came out of both of our sets of boys' mouths. They were pretty hysterical - even if they were bad.  But then I thought again about one I wrote.

Before you read, I am asking that you not judge me or my children for what I am about to write.  My boys are my life.  They make me laugh.  They give the dearest hugs.  They are polite and respectful;  good sports and compassionate towards others.

And my youngest (a second grader) also shared something with my mother this past weekend that is haunting to me... 

After the boys came home from a weekend visit with my parents, my mother called me this past Sunday to tell me what my 8-year-old had told her:  he has a girlfriend and he thinks she wants to "make out" with him.  He told her this with all seriousness.  My wise mother did not get visibly upset, but asked him why he would say this and what "make out" means.  He told her that "making out" is what boyfriends and girlfriends do.  It's what you do if you like someone. And "making out" is kissing.  (Thank goodness!)

Oh the sleepless night I had... How on Earth does he know what "making out" is?  My sweet boy whom you have seen pictures of and whom I have written precious blog posts about.

I know how.  And you should know too.

You see, I have heard things from the TV as I have passed through the living room while Sumter and Jackson were watching I-Carly or Suite Life on Deck or Hannah Montana.  The one time I heard the "make out" term on I-Carly, I turned the television off and suggested the boys go play outside.  No big production.  But how many other times had those shows made suggestive comments when I wasn't around the TV?  How much have they heard?  And how much have they unknowingly absorbed?

I have always hated Disney and Nick for the shows they produce for OUR ELEMENTARY AGE CHILDREN.  I have felt the tween characters were always disrespectful to adults and parental figures.  They are rude and belittling to each other, and always have some smart-a$$ comment to say for a laugh.  But I have not been vigilant enough... I have let it slide a bit and let Sumter and Jackson watch.

BUT NOW, my eyes are even more open:  these companies are sexualizing my (AND YOUR) children.  Think back to the sitcoms geared towards children/tweens when we were young:  The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Facts of Life.  Now compare them to the shows that are geared towards our children.  Look at the clothing the girls are wearing.  Listen to the "innocent-enough" suggestive comments and see the  looks the boys are giving.  Frightening isn't it?

In response to this realization and sick feeling we have about it, Mike and I have made a decision that is not very popular in our boys' eyes:  We have blocked Disney and Nick.  It's not there - not even on the Guide.  I am not having it seduce my boys.  As young males in our society, they have enough going against them already.

I am not telling you what to do... only what we have decided.  (And please do not think that we are naive enough to think that our children will not pick this stuff up in school - no matter private or public.)  What I hope I have left you with is an understanding of what really is going on out there - in our own living rooms and on our own television sets.  It is my plea that you protect your children... in whatever way you see fit.