Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Love Your Blog Too

I have been given the I Love Your Blog Award two dear blog friends:  Housewife Bliss and Entertaining Mom at The Entertaining House!  Housewife Bliss is an ex-pat living across the pond who inspires us all to not only be gracious and thorough homemakers, but do it with a smile and more than just a bit of wit.  Love her!  Entertaining Mom is one of my favorites out there and has become more than just a comment on my blogs but a true friend I have turned to on more than one occasion!

I thank both of you and  I love that you love me back!

Now...I must
  • List ten things that I love.
  • Pass the award on to 5 blog friends.
  • And link and thank my cute friends who gave the award to me.
Things that I absolutely love...

 1. The smell of Thymes Eucalyptus... 
so clean and fresh.
 2. When my husband sends me
flowers at school for no reason, 
just because he loves me.

3. The boys when they feel so
proud of themselves.

4. Bagpipes and Celtic music.

5. My annual beach trip with college friends, 
and knowing that after almost twenty years 
of doing this, it only gets better and better!

6. The smell of the mountains in the summer.

7. Fresh lilies and tulips in my home.

8. The boys snuggling up with us 
in our bed on Saturday mornings.

9. Entertaining friends and family.

10. Being a South Carolinian.

Here are the cute bloggers whom I have grown to love! 
(I love SO MANY of you, but didn't want to 
duplicate the award given by others...)


  1. Thanks Bevy! I love Celtic music, too. I didn't know that about you.

  2. I love this post. I love many of the same things and thank you so much for passing it along to me. I am so thakful that we have found each other and become true friends. I love lillies and tulips in the house too and there is nothing that can beat mini snuggling. :)

    Do you sell the Thymes Eucalyptus??? I must try. :)

    Have a great weekend and enjoy those boys when they arrive home.

    PS-Are those orange uniforms those sweet boys are wearing??? I am pretty sure they are...GO TIGERS!!!

  3. Yay, Bevy! I love your list! It's practically perfect! And, I am so excited to see you are raising those boys right, wearing orange and purple! Go Tigers! And thanks for "introducing" me to Molly Lou Gifts--can't wait to visit!

  4. Enjoyed this post! I love the photo's as well especially the lake and the cross photo. Beautiful!

  5. thanks for the sweet comment! Cute store. Let me know if you would be interested in advertising on southern mommas? I am in the process of pulling together some southern businesses and I can add you to the list :)

  6. Thanks so much for the award. Spring Break has given me a little more time to work on it. I enjoyed the list of the ten things you love. I look forward to passing on the award to other great bloggers. Thanks again.

  7. Love all your loves.... nothing is finer than saturday mornings snuggled up in the bed with your children. Have a great weekend!

  8. I love Ent Mom and Housewife Bliss too!


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