Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mom, I thought my name was D*** it

In reading Jillian, Inc.'s post from a week or so ago, I was reminded that I say "damn it" too much.  But you really wouldn't know it spending time with me... just me. I am the girl who always says "Oh, my word!" and "Oh, my goodness!" - not "Oh, my God".   I say "shoot" and "shucks" - not "s***".  I say "That really irritates me" - not "That p***** me off".  I just don't.

But I do the "damn it" quite a bit.  And it's when I have FINALLY HAD IT with one or both of the boys.  I admit it.  I crack.  I am spent.  I am done. I'm like the Bill Cosby comedy segment where " brother Russell thought his name was Damn it!"

My youngest told his Mimi (my mother) a few weeks ago that I cursed at them.

Mimi:  Oh my, what does she say?
Jackson: She says "the D word".
Mimi:  Well, what do you do to make her say that?

Thank you Mimi!  I love you!


  1. Mimi sounds like my kind of gal. :)

  2. oh my, I love that Bill Cosby skit! And I hear you! Love your Mom's comment. ;)

  3. Oh, Bevy! We have to get together--I usually say "Rats!" or "Oh, my heavens!" until my children have pushed me to the brink and then--well, you know! Once, my m-i-l dropped a glass in her kitchen in front of my-then 3-year-old, and she said, "Fiddlesticks!" My darling angel said, "Say, dammit! My mama says 'dammit'"! Fifteen years later, I am still mortified!

  4. I can so relate, and that BC clip was so very funny. I must admit I can have a mouth like a sailor but never in front of the children, but in front of the children I tend to use:
    Margeaux -- Sakes Alive
    Sawyer -- Buggar (rather english I know)
    Xam Xam - Bloody Hell

    My mom used to say Dam it all the time, I am pretty sure I answered to it as a child, I was trouble with a T ;-)

  5. I love that Bill Cosby bit...I laugh everytime I see it. Mimi is an angel!!! :)

  6. haha! when muffy was about 2 we asked her what our names were, besides mama & daddy. She got mine right, but said daddy's was "dammit Joel" -- poor thing. I had to re-think my language a bit after that one!

  7. Perfect response, Mimi! Yeah, I have to watch my language, too. Little ears are always lurking...

  8. I love Mimi's response!
    When Nicholas was about 3 years old I rather loudly siad "you idiot" to a car that almost hit us. He proceeded to use my choice of expression all day Montessori. Needless to say, I had a lot of explaining to do when I picked him up that afternoon.


  9. This is so funny! I have the worst "lingering" habit of my salty dog days...and it is cliche'd as a SAILORS MOUTH. I can come up with some doozies when I lose my religion. I have to apologize to my kids, and to God. Uhm, ...A LOT! I can say there has been once or twice when a verbal combo was so egregious that my boys and I had stared at each other for long moments, then busted up laughing because we knew that I had just lost my entire mind! I am so glad they have senses of humor!

  10. Human are we all. Its good to remind each other of that.

  11. I hear you! I love that cosby segment. xoxo

  12. What a funny post, and love that skit, Cosby is classic! I love the part from that skit where he talked about chocolate cake for breakfast. You know that part?? HAHHA!!

    Can't wait to see your button Bevy! :) XOXO


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