Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Merry Stressmas!

Despite relegating three of our own children to 
the “Happy Holidays” frames, 
Gary felt the Allens had sent us enough family photos 
to warrant their own engraving.

OK, so I stole this from Catalog Living, but I just couldn't resist!  We're entering the middle of November and I have just now started thinking about the inevitable Christmas card photo. D*mn it...

Or maybe I should just use one of the Allens'.


  1. I used to stress over the Christmas Card picture, but now its an "if we get it done, fine. If not, oh well". Makes the holidays much easier!!

  2. You are ahead of me. The thought hasn't even crossed my mind. Hopefully we will get a good shot at Thanksgiving.

  3. Too funny! Yes, I've been thinking about the cards as well. Try not to get stressed over it - if you have time, you go it. If not, no worries. :)

  4. My children are both in college. I think the older they get the harder it has gotten to get a photo. Someone is always missing! Good luck getting your photo, Beverly!

  5. The Christmas card is a huge stress at our house!


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