Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas that Almost Wasn't

It's now a few days after Christmas and things are beginning to slow down. We had a wonderful Christmas with both Mike's and my families. Big fun for all... But this year almost was the Christmas morning that never was. Grab a glass of wine and get ready for quite a story.

For years, S has wanted a drum set. He really is my musical child, able to play guitar (and some basic piano) by ear. When he was three, he would take all the pillows in the living room and make his own drum set. At age six, we took him to see The Eagles as he was obsessed with Don Henley. And it's continued throughout the years. These days he stays late at Youth Group so he can play the drums after the youth band is finished.

And every Christmas he has asked for a drum set. And every year I have said, "Maybe next year." This year I relented as he researched electric drum sets on the internet. And he finally found something. This is what we Santa ordered from Amazon.

Or at least that's what Santa thought he ordered. As soon as it arrived a few weeks before Christmas, my in-laws picked it up (still in the box) to assemble at their house and drop by our house on Christmas Eve while we were at my family's church and dinner. (We have to leave our house at 2:30 in the afternoon. Keep this in mind as you continue reading.)

On Christmas Eve morning, I got a call from my mother-in-law letting me know that the drum set was ready to go. However, it didn't look like there were any drums. It was just the rack!!! Was that what S was getting for Christmas? (Oh, and did I mention it was around 10:30 am CHRISTMAS EVE?) I literally thought I was going to get sick. OMW! How could that be it? Because this drum set was really all S was getting for Christmas this year.

I immediately called the company who used Amazon as a way to sell their wares. They were adamant that the product description on their website said it was the drum rack only. After being on the phone for almost an hour (now it's around 12:00 on Christmas Eve), they finally relented that Amazon's description was vague and misleading. I could return it (they would pay for return shipping).

In the midst of this, I am also on my cell phone on the other ear talking with my mother-in-law and numerous music stores in our town. Does anyone sell drum sets on Christmas Eve (at 12:30 in the afternoon)? Oh thank goodness there is one and they have one left in the store!

After this, I am completely stressed and not even out of my pajamas. (Keep in mind the 2:30 departure time...) I talk to S to explain the situation (not the possible solution as I really don't know what the solution is at this point). Maybe this was not the best thing to do, but please remember my state of mind at this point. He tears up and tells me that his Christmas is "going to s**k". Normally, I would have really gotten on him for that, but I must say that at that point, I agreed! I told him that I promised Santa would work it out and that everything would be better. But I also needed him to promise that he wouldn't let this ruin Christmas Eve for the family.

I then call Amazon (at around 12:45 or so) to give them an earful. I get some woman from India and "politely" let her know how Amazon has more than likely ruined Christmas Day for an eleven-year-old boy. I now have to find a replacement drum set! Dingbat tries to offer me a $15.00 credit for my troubles. I should have tried harder, but I stopped my tirade for $30.00. (Remember my time crunch!)

Shower, hair, etc. for me follows, and at 1:30 I race over to my in-laws to give them my credit card so they can pick up the drums and deliver them later. I now have a headache.

We did make it to Mama's and church.
Thank goodness the rest of the day/evening was wonderful. 
I had a glass or two of red wine with my sister.

I loved being with my family.

Santa called and eased S's fears.

...And as for Christmas morning?
I think S was right when he said it was the best Christmas ever!


  1. What a wonderful story! I know the electric version would have been a little less LOUD, but the sound of this set will always remind you of one wonderful Christmas!

  2. oh dear! so glad it all worked out! I share your stress only it was 10:00PM on Xmas Eve on the way back from my parents when my 8 year old informed me that he'd made a secret wish with Santa for something he never told us about. He'd wished for it all year long and knows that Santa won't dissapoint. Thankfully he shared his wish with me -- a discontinued Lego available on ebay for $900.00...I checked when we got home) Thankfully Santa was smart enough to leave a note explaining some production issues and equiptment malfunctions and why other gifts were brought instead. whew! The note from Santa ended up being more exciting than everything else! :)

  3. All of that and you only had 2 glasses of wine?? You are the mother of the year!! By the way- LOVE your new layout with the "little blue box" :)

  4. Phew...I was getting glisteny (sweaty) just reading about it all!!! You have the quick mind of a speeding bullet to arrange all that! ~And WONDERFUL in-laws! Glad it all turned out well!!
    P.S. That first set really does look cool.

  5. Came across your blog and just had to say...WHAT a great Christmas story, SO happy Santa was able to deliver!!!

  6. Oh my gosh! I think I would have died! Seriously, I would have. So glad it worked out! And from the look of those LARGE drums, you are going to need the rest of that bottle of wine to calm your nerves during his practice time. :)

  7. ...READ wine!!! Oh, poor you....but SANTA always pulls through...even if it was quite as expected! The DRUMS are awesome and for someone S's age much more appreciated!! Boo Hoo amazon and OUTSOURCED help~

    So glad your Christmas was saved!!

  8. PS...would you please tutor as how you put that cute Tiffany box as your heading????

  9. Oh B...sounds like you needed more than one or two glasses of red wine!!!

    Love the new blog look and soooo glad it all worked out! :)

  10. Oh Lord! That had to be hugely stressful!!!!! I have a glass of wine and I am still stressed! I love the photo of you and your sis! Just fyi...my husband was a drummer and my mother-in-law always say, "Don't let your kids play the drums, because the band always has to rehearse at the drummer's house!" I am so glad everything worked out and S is happy!

    I LOVED getting your Christmas card! You are so blessed, Bevy! I hope I get to meet you and Mike one day! Wendy

  11. What we moms go through to make Christmas magical. I'm glad you were both able to enjoy a merry Christmas when all was done and said. Thank goodness for wine! :)

    Enjoy your down time ~

  12. Great story! So glad it all worked out! One year one of my boys asked for a real helicopter, and we had a hard time explaining why Santa couldn't deliver! I bet you would have pulled it off! I love your new look, tres chic!

  13. Wow... I need a glass of wine after reading that! I LOVE the new look of your blog!

  14. Thank goodness it was all solved. I am not sure those are the drums you were wanting in your home but I have to give you credit for having any drums at all. You are a GREAT Mama!

  15. I am so glad everything worked out in the end!!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas (no thanks to Amazon!).
    Wishing you and your beautiful family all the very best for the New Year my friend!
    (And I LOVE the new look!!)

  16. Oh, thank goodness !! What a nightmare!

  17. SO FRUSTRATING!!!! Glad it worked out and that he got such an excellent set!!! How exciting for him and how deafening for you!!! DId you buy a nice pair of earmuffs for yourself?



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