Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's dark outside and Mike and I are alone AGAIN for the next few days. But I'm not wallowing. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. The two of us went to a fun surprise party last night for a friend's 40th birthday. Today, we went out to lunch and window shopped around town. We don't often get a chance to do this... Kind of like when we were dating!

The afternoon was lazy and we spent most of it watching Christmas movies on Lifetime. But now I am in the throws of my most favorite Christmas movie of all: Prancer.

Have you seen it? In a nutshell, it's about a little girl that literally carries the Christmas spirit inside her and spreads it to her entire town. Here is a synopsis, taken from Wikipedia.

Jessica Riggs (Rebecca Harrell) is an 8-year-old girl whose mother died of unknown causes and who is in the not very adequate care of her rough, quiet, protective father John Riggs (Sam Elliott). In the Christmas season, Jessica finds a hurt reindeer who she believes to be Santa's reindeer Prancer and sets herself on nursing Prancer back to health. A deep bond grows between the two. She is helped by a friendly old veterinarian (Abe Vigoda), befriends the old town recluse (Cloris Leachman), and comes to forge a closer relationship with her older brother Steve (John Duda).

Jessica and her father often clash after he discovers Prancer living in the barn and, despite her widowed father revealing brief moments of deep love for his daughter, he does not understand Jessica's special love for helping the reindeer. After a misunderstanding, he sells Prancer to a business owner temporarily. His walls of hard feelings begin break down and he and Jessica finally forge a deep, loving bond. Jessica, after several emotional and physical struggles between her best friend, her family, and the town, manages to cure her beloved Prancer and set him free, where he is seen flying to the sky to rejoin the other seven deers of Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Every time I watch this movie I am overcome as the movie embodies the idea of hopes, dreams, faith, and belief in the midst of hard times. I love the innocence of the sweet little girl and her eight-year-old view of the world around her, what is true and right and good. Give yourself and your family a true gift this year. Watch this movie...


  1. I am so sorry I missed you all last night!! I heard it was a great time!! I know what you mean about "Prancer". My kids watch that movie all year long!! Their favorite part is when Prancer gets into the house!! Miss you my friend!!

  2. Awww..isn't it nice to have a date! I know you miss the boys, but it is so good for you two love birds!!!

  3. Oh, yes! I love this movie too! I really love Cloris Leachman also. I'm going to check Netflix and put this in the family Christmas queue on Netflix!

  4. I've not seen the movie, but love the premise. Wouldn't it be delightful if our world would come back to that feeling?

  5. I might bawl from the synopsis!!! Never seen it!!!

  6. Gee, I want to see it...thanks for the tip...and Happy Holidays!!!

  7. One of my favorite things to do- curl up in my pjs and watch lifetime movies. Wish my hubby would watch with me, but not a chance if a ballgame is on the tube. My favorites are Miracle on 34th Street, Its A Wonderful Life, Christmas in Conneticut and the Preacher's Wife.


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