Monday, March 21, 2011

Racing Against the Enemy

This past Saturday was the Aiken Trials. It was a beautiful sunny day. Mike, the boys, and I enjoyed ourselves with the warm temps and good food. I even caught this great action shot of three of the horses.

But I want you to take a good look at it. You see, when I look at the picture I see something completely different than horses on a racetrack. Something totally unrelated. And it hit me Sunday morning what it was...

Yesterday, as many Sundays as of late have been my house, was full of stress. The boys were arguing with and picking on each other. They were playing around instead of getting ready for church. One complained that his pancakes did not have chocolate chips in them. (Was he for real???). The other was talking back and rolling his eyes. (I don't think so young man!!!). It was all I could do not to throw in the towel and forget church.

But then I remembered that the sermon series was on being at war with the Enemy. How timely. For yesterday, my family was at war with the Enemy - who was absolutely loving this. And his demons of Discord, Anger and Stress were rampant all over our home. They were lurking in every corner, leering from the ceiling, and slithering in and out of rooms. For our family yesterday morning, there was no joy or contentment. I felt defeated. That is, until Mike reminded me that us giving up and not going to church was exactly what Satan wanted.

Well, those of you who know me, know that I don't give up easily once I know that someone challenges me - especially a mental challenge. So I stood my ground against the Enemy. I prayed, right then and there for strength. Then I told the boys exactly what was going on - and that we, as a family, were not going to be defeated.

Now, back to the picture and what I see... as metaphorical as it may be. The two jockeys in the front are Mike and me. The jockey in the back is the Enemy. As Christian parents, a Christian couple - and Christians on our own, we are constantly being pursued and chased by the Enemy. But also like those jockeys in the front, we must be strong and committed to never be defeated. We will win the race!


  1. LOVE - LOVE the comparison! I ca also emphasize on the Sunday morning rat race! I need lots of prayer come 9:45 on Sundays!

  2. This is just awesome, Bevy!! Thanks!

  3. AMEN, Sista!
    1 John 4:4b
    "the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world"

  4. Great post - I can totally relate. I felt like the devil was bearing down on us this morning, especially when I lost my cool with the kids. Good for you for not letting him win. And glad you were able to enjoy a great day at the races!

  5. Love this! We fight that Enemy almost every Sunday too!

  6. Oh Bevy we totally had one of those mornings this past Sunday while getting ready for church. Our oldest was whining about going, our youngest had left his coat outside and we could not find it (it was raining and we later found out he left it on our neighbors' driveway so fortunately they brought it in). I was yelling and screaming and soooo frustrated. We ended up being late. I was going to do a blog post on how unChristianlike I was being right before church. You are not alone. ;)

  7. love this post! I have on more than one occasion prayed in front of my boys when I feel my temper rising and fear i'm going to lose my cool. the other day while my eldest was sick with a high fever and my youngest was screaming, I felt my patience slipping. Andrew said, "Mama, i think you better start praying and fast!" ha! smart little boy. it worked too! :)


  8. I like how you looked at that situation. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. What a lovely post and wonderful story. What a great way to look at things.



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