Sunday, February 1, 2015

One Month Checkup

It's been exactly one month since my 2015 The Best is Yet to Come post. And (until I don't feel motivated to do it anymore - or just plain forget) I thought I would give you an update every month. If only to keep myself accountable. When you present you weaknesses to the world once why stop there?

Renewing Myself
I'm pretty happy with the way this is progressing. Yea me! I've lost 15 pounds, thanks to Weight Watchers Online. I am addicted to the app and don't feel the need to attend any meetings. In fact, I loathe those things. I weigh every morning and have seen an ever so slight change in my face and hips. I'm even staring to like what I see in the mirror. I also have a goal date and weight of the first week in April. Our Disney Cruise! We went two years ago and I can't wait to compare the pictures from this vacation to that one.

Rededication to My Family
After writing, I shared my thoughts about this with my husband. I'm not sure he quite gets what I'm talking about. I told him that just being there is not enough. Going to Jackson's basketball games is not enough. Being in the same room is not enough. And although this is the age where it is very common, the boys think we need to be around other people to have fun. That's one reason for the above mentioned cruise. We are not traveling with any other family. It's just us.

And... Refocusing on My Passion
Well I thought this would be the hardest, but maybe it's not. So far, this is what I figured out:


  1. Yay!! So very proud of you!!!!!

  2. Hi Bevy, I've just been reading your posts from this new year. I had been missing blogging and feeling some of the same feelings you've described so well, so I decided to resume my blog, too. I changed the name to the Town and Country House, and I hope you'll stop by and visit from time to time. I was scrolling though my old blog roll and saw your recent posts, and I was so excited. Congratulations on naming and pursuing your goals! I look forward to reading your GOLDEN posts; they certainly make my days brighter! xo


Thanks for your sweet comments... They make my day just that more Golden!