Saturday, February 5, 2011

Confessions of a Non-Do-It-Yourself-er: There's Always a First Time

How many times have you flipped through your favorite issue of Southern Living, Architectural Digest, or Traditional Home and looked at all those beautiful living and family rooms? And... How many times have you noticed that NONE of the cords from the television and all the other media stuff is anywhere to be seen! It's like they cease to exist! Of course I know that when they "stage" these photo shoots, they hide and tie back everything. But it still makes me crazy.

Because this is what my television looks like.

Lovely isn't it. And it has looked like this ever since we moved in, three and a half years ago. I love my living room. I've had compliments on the decor, the millwork, the color (Sherwin Williams "Ivoire"), etc. But this corner has been a blight.

So this non-do-it-yourself kind of girl decided to fix this embarrassment and do it herself! I decided that I wanted to create a little texture and cover the back of this sofa table with burlap. Nothing too drastic, but a subtle change. So off to Hobby Lobby I go for said fabric (at $3.99 a yard) and an upholstery gun.

I measured and stapled the fabric to the back...

Cut strategically placed slits for the plethora of wires and cables...

And... Voila! What a difference! If I do say so, my "non-do-it-yourself-er" kind of girl.

There is a little bunching around the bottom, but the cords are hidden... And if you aren't looking, it really doesn't jump out at you. I'm pretty excited!


  1. Looks great! There's nothing a nail gun can't fix!

    ~ TCC

  2. Brilliant! What a spectacular difference. I have a punch list of things in my house that bother me, but I never get around to correcting them, or I just get used to them....this has inspired me. YAY!

  3. Great idea- I hate cords. I might try this trick in my sunroom/playroom.

  4. Bevy, it looks great. I am a serious cord hider--maybe I should do a post on some of my tricks. Seriously I love the burlap idea! And, by the way, we would love for you to join us on our mission trip next January--we usually have the dates by the end of August, so we can book tickets, etc. The past few years we've left on MLK Day and returned the following Tues.--something to think about, at least!

  5. What a great idea! Those cords peeking out of everywhere are the bane of my existence, never knew what to do until now. Non-do-it-yourself-ers rejoice!!

  6. That is a great idea! I am going to have to steal this idea.

  7. Wow! That looks awesome, Bevy!!! Good for you!

  8. Bevy, That looks Fabulous!! Great job! I hate cords too, and this is an excellent way to hide them :) xoxo

  9. YOu are genius! What a simple and inexpensive solution to all those ugly wires...I love it!

  10. Love when I get an area neater! Great job

  11. what a clever girl you are! We are not DIYers either. i'm just thinking about why it is I don't see my cords...oh, yes, might that be b/c the piles of toys everywhere conceal them!!! I have to say burlap is the better way to go! :) hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  12. That's an excellent idea and it looks so nice n' neat underneath your, thanks for posting this!

    My last hurrah with a staple gun and upholstery fabric was a couple of years ago when I recovered diningroom chairs for my sister-in-law...

    Best to you from here, Lachlan

  13. Great DYI project! Yeah, I hate dealing with countless electrical cords. And don't get me started on the multiple remotes!

  14. Attagirl!
    You really made a difference in the way is looks.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  15. Great job!! I did something like this too...I took a large piece of wall board and covered it with matching wall paper. I patted my self on the back because I hate those wires!!


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