Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's My Style?

This past week I received a Stylish Blogger Award from a new blog friend, Lorri from Lizards and Lollipops. She is too cute with three too cute kiddos. Be sure to check out her blog. I know you will love her as much as I do. Also, as there is absolutely no way I can chose only five stylish friends, I am passing this award along to all of you!

This award got me thinking what my style is. Not just external, but internal as well. For most intensive purposes, I am pretty much a rule follower. I think that in civilized societies, rules and guidelines play an important role. However, there are often times that as long as the desired outcome occurs, tweaks and changes are allowed. It's called being flexible and adaptable... At least that's my story!

So... I am tweaking the rules of what I am supposed to post (7 things about me) and instead, I am combining it with the Blog Bag Hop. And changing the number to 8 items. I'm guessing you will be able to figure out things about me by the contents of my bag. See... same desired outcome!

In the bag...

1. Spartina wallet (can be purchased at Tea Garden Gifts of course) with debit, credit (paid off every month!!! ), insurance, tip, and gift cards. Two cards from when Mike sent me flowers for no reason. A few bills and change. Stamps. Receipts that are stuck in are cleaned out every few days.

2. Bath and Bodyworks "White Citrus" antibacterial hand cream

3. Lilly P. aviator sunglasses

4. My school badge

5. Lilly P. (free w/purchase) key fob with gym card and car key. All my other customer cards have been downloaded on my Droid. All I do is swipe that now. No more junky key fob! Thank you Travelbug Mom!

6. Lilly P. note pad. STILL has notes from Nantucket on it! Plus, even though I am an electronic notes kind of girl, you still need to jot every now and then. But where is a pen when I need one?!

7. Droid has everything on it: calendar, photos of family and friends, grocery lists, music, parcel tracker, Shazam, Kindle, Audible, Bible, Toodledo, math and reading games for the boys, and the all important Star Wars Light Saber app.

8. Make up bag

In the make-up bag...

a. La Source cuticle cream

b. Clinique's Aromatics Elixir perfume. I have worn this for years... love that it's not too florally.

c. Bare Minerals lip gloss in Pomagranate

d. Listerine strips. My family loves them!

e. Lancome lipstick in Crushed Rose. It's the only color lipstick I wear. I buy it in bulk!

f. Pill case for my migraine meds as well as Mike's nightly Rx for his Restless Leg Syndrome. If we are out late, he can go ahead and take it before we get home as it takes about an hour to kick in. (LOL Get it? Kick in. Restless leg. OMW, I am too clever!)

g. Nail clippers

h. Emery board

So... what can you glean about me? I like MY rules ;). I'm pretty organized. I have a warped sense of humor. I don't like clutter. I'm a true tech nerd. I love Lilly. I'm never without lipstick or gloss. I like neat and well-groomed hands. And... I've got some style!


  1. hey there girlie! Just laughing and remembering our light saber battle on Nantucket :) And of course remembering all those notes in that super cute Lilly note pad of yours. Good times, good times!

  2. Your style is elegant and classy!! I can tell....

  3. Loved how you did your list!! I'd say you are one preppy, organized, good smelling, techy, teacher, with very good breath! :)

  4. Wow, my poor purse would make you cringe! IT is overflowing with receipts!

  5. That is amazing how the contents of your purse could reveal so much about you. It's a little scary! I feel like I am FOREVER de-cluttering it. I'm like you, ORGANIZATION is key! I'm starting a part time job this week and I must re-think my whole purse contents. Thanks for the shout out!

  6. Love you changing the rules! I never carry a purse to school. I do carry a large tote bag with a smaller bag inside of it with basics. Of course, there's anti-bacterial gel in there! Have a great day!

  7. LOVE them all! I LOVE my Spartina wallet!!!

  8. you sure do have style!!!
    i would say my handbag is VERY similar -- between the lilly key chain, aviators, makeup bag (down to the cuticle cream!) -- I was given the style award and will be blogging about that in a bit myself!! Thanks for the peek! :-)

  9. We have a lot of the same things!

  10. Love it girl - and you do got style!!!!!!

  11. You definitely have STYLE! I have a DROID and the iPhone has nothing on this phone!

  12. Mine looks much the same. Great preppy goodies. I carry a large leather tote to school ~ try to keep my load down to one bag.


  13. I LOVE Listerine strips! I have four or five little cases in my bag at any given time. Can't do without them.

    ~ TCC

  14. You are full of style and very organized!

  15. You still have my notes??!!! How I enjoyed taking that notebook from you... especially when we crashed that lesbian wedding! XOXO

  16. Oh My! you are one of the few *amazing* people that I "know" that wear Clinique A.E. My mom has worn it ever since I can remember. And I worked at a Clinique counter part-time through most of my college days and I started wearing it. It's absolutely the most unique scent but I rarely hear anyone talk about wearing it. It is truly the top of the list of things that remind me of my mom. If I miss her, all I have to do is spritz a little A.E. and I feel like she's right there with me!


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