Monday, January 17, 2011

Say It... It Feels Good

It always amazes me how I can get inspiration from the oddest places. This evening Mike and I were watching How I Met Your Mother. In this particular episode "Last Words", Marshall's father dies, and he has to learn to cope with what he already admitted he was “not ready” for. And his actions prove that as he obsesses over such a minute detail of the situation he can’t control: he spends the half-hour obsessing over the last words his father ever said to him. In half an hour, he encompasses exactly what anyone who has ever lost someone too soon has felt for days, if not weeks and months, on end after the passing.

No, I haven't lost anyone dear to me recently. However, it really got me thinking. What was the last thing my father and I said to each other? It was Friday afternoon and we had a wonderful impromptu visit, just the two of us. I'm sure we told each other we loved each other when I left. My mother? Well, she called this morning when I was walking out the door to go to the gym. More than likely, I just told her that as I passed the phone to S. I have no idea what my last words were to my sister. I'm sure the conversation was fun, but what were our last words?

Right now, I know I have said Good Night and I Love You at least four or five times to the boys. Both S and J have gotten out of bed for one reason or another. Every night I tell them. And every night Mike and I tell each other - even if the evening has been a bit, shall we say, stressful. And much more often than not, we all say it when we leave each other.

So I guess I'm doing ok. But again, tonight really made me think. Thank you Marshall. We all need to...


  1. My kids end every conversation with "love you"! It's dear to my heart! My hubby and I often have just perfunctory conversations about "business". I need to be more mindful of this...
    No matter what, if your relationships are good, they always know you love them, and that's what counts!

  2. Love that show! When my MIL passed away, I felt horrible for so, so long because the last thing I said to her on the phone was I couldn't talk because I was in the midst of making carmel popcorn of all things and the carmel was ready and I had to work fast. I think I said, "Oh Con, can't talk now, love you and I call right back." I didn't call back till 2 days later and she was beging wisked into an emergency surgery. I know she knew how I felt, and I'm ok now, but it hit me hard how quickly life can come and go...

  3. It does feel good to say and to have it said to you :) HAve a great day, Sweets!

  4. Well said. I feel that I can't say those words enough to my husband and kids. I always want for them to know how much I love them. As often as they say it back to me, I think I've been successful in that endeavor. :)

  5. So true, I always worry if I've left a loved one when I've been crabby

  6. It does bring up something to think about. It does make you feel good too.


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