Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lill-E's New Glasses

Today has been a gross and rainy day. Not only is it rainy, but it is cold. Frigid, if you will. But I did have a little ray of sunshine this morning as I walked to my class. I had an experience very much like this post from earlier this school year. A cute little girl from my class last year hurried to catch up with me in the hallway. She's in fifth grade now, so this is a big deal!

E: "Look Mrs. W. I have glasses!"
Me: "Oh! You look fabulous."
E: "Yes. And see, they are pink, green, and yellow."
Me: "I see. They look great!"
E: "And... they're Lilly Pulitzer." (Knowing nod) "And I thought of you when I picked them out.".
Me: (Returning the knowing nod) "I knew I taught you girls well!"

Precious! Thank you E for making my day a little brighter!


  1. I Love It! My Jackson got glasses this year as well (in 2nd grade)! Seriously...they look just like those above except he picked out CAMO! Guess I should be glad! Ha!

  2. Darling! I remember a story you posted about that last year. YOu are quit the trendsetter at your school! Love ya!

  3. That is so cute! You did teach them well!

  4. how sweet! thinking of her teacher when she picked out her Lilly P. glasses!!
    and I'm going to have to meet your new friends Kate & Cassie sometime soon. wink! at least that's a wine name I can remember - smart branding!! wish they were here tonight!

  5. You are a fabulous teacher! :)

    I plan to meet your new friends soon ~ love the name and smart label.

    Stay dry ~

  6. Too cute! You are teaching your students well. :) The weather is killing me, too. We had yet another snow day here. Ugh.

  7. You are a fine influence on those girls! I love it!

  8. OH, I wish my daughter had you as a teacher!!

  9. Cute!! And love your header by the way!

  10. Oh how wonderful!
    Don't you just love when they do themselves proud like that!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  11. Precious!! Love those Lilly glasses .. I have a pair of readers :)

  12. That is the CUTEST! I'll bet the girls (and boys) LOVE having you as a teacher:)

  13. THE best form of flattery! what a little smartie!
    my muffy can spot a lilly a mile away! what we teach our girlies in subtle and not-so-subtle ways!


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