Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Minnie Me!

It was a great day. Today I was wearing one of my favorite Lilly skirts and one of my cute students shyly came up to me.

Cute Student: Mrs. W***** I really like your Lilly.
Me: Why thank you M. How did you know that's what I'm wearing?
Cute Student: Oh I love Lilly, and I saw her name hidden in the pattern.
Me: Me too! And tomorrow I'm bringing my new fleece I bought from the big online sale last week. (Disclaimer: my classroom is like a frozen tundra!)
Cute Student: Sale?!?!?! (eyes real big) I can't wait to tell my mom! She loves Lilly as much as you and me!

It's going to be a great year... I can tell.


  1. You're wearing a fleece in 100 degree weather???

  2. SO CUTE!! Look, can you tell the kids are back in school?? I actually have time to read...LOL!

  3. Sounds like her mama has taught her well!

  4. That is so cute! Hope your year is off to a great start Bevy. I have one last inservice day today and kids start Wed Sept 1st.

  5. Obviously that child is trying to get a pink and green straight A report card from her fashionable teacher :) Love it!

  6. It's good to see you are teaching the little ones the important things! :)

  7. How sweet ~ she's got some GREAT taste in fashion and teachers ;)

    Did I miss the weather report? You're wearing fleece?


  8. I hope that love of Lilly translates in to fun gifts for you through the year. What a lucky girl she is to have you for her teacher. must have good a/c!


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