Monday, August 9, 2010

"Murfee" Scarves Anyone?

Ok, I am not a big shopper.  Don't get me wrong, I do love nice things, shoes, and clothes.  But I can find it emotionally and physically exhausting to go shopping.  Especially in my sweet town.  I do love my town, but Talbots and Target can only take you so far.  There are cute shops, like Tea Garden - who have the nicest owners (yes, this is shameless self-promotion!) and where I get all my cute, airy tunics.  But all those other stores we love are far, far away...

This is my state's tax-free weekend and my boys are with the grands for a few days.  So I jaunt over to Talbots and buy two white polos, a few other precious tops and a cute turquoise skirt for a grand total of $54.00.  Oh yes!!!  Then I hitch on over to Old Navy to buy for the boys:  $10.00 jeans and $12.50 khakis, and buy multiples of numerous sizes for S and J to try on when they get home.  This is the only way I shop for my sons:  buy every size and return what doesn't fit.  Trust me, it is much easier that way!

But what about for me?  I found a few white spaghetti strap tanks to wear under things and am walking around and... OMW!  Do they look familiar at all?

You might know their pricier cousins...

 Love me some Lilly... but also love me a little steal now and then!


  1. I have the ON turquois scarf. LOVE IT! I have seriously contemplated buying another because I have almost worn it out this summer. Great piece....and price! Kudos on your great finds at Talbots too!

  2. You scored at Talbots. I need {want}to do a little back to school shopping. Sounds like I'll be adding ON to my list. I love those scarves ~ wear them all the time in my drafty building.

    Have you made it into your classroom yet? I haven't seen mine since the last day ~ I've got my work cut out for me ~ ugh!

  3. Those scarves are great! I'm so jealous of states that have the "tax free" weekends.

  4. I was JUST thinking about the Murfee scarf and was disappointed RueLaLa didn't have it in their Lilly boutique last week! Wow, I am headed to ON today....thank you so much!

    hahaha my "word" to post comment was "outicab"...I think I heard a NYC taxi driver say this once LOL!

  5. They are so pretty, and will look divine on you!

  6. i hear you on the deals & steals!! I'm a big lilly lover as you know, but couldn't resist the ON pink scarf... and if I would've known a turq one existed I would've gotten that one too! I have not gotten a murfree, altho i have it on my wish list.... i'm a long scarf fanatic lately!

  7. Neato!!!! I always love me a good steal!!

  8. I did some damage at Talbots last week myself; 50% off the sale items! Love your new scarves - enjoy!

  9. Good for you! I can't wait to meet you and see you in it!!

  10. Darling scarves! I've been eyeing the Lilly version but balking at the price. Am going to check out the cute ones you found at Old Navy. Thanks for the tip!

  11. were I come from we call that a 'ganga' -- great back to school treat darling!

  12. Are they REALLY form Old NAvy???? I must get over there ASAP!

  13. Wow, I can't believe it. I know where I'm heading tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. A tea garden shop..sounds wonderful!

    sandy toe

  15. Hon, did you manage to type 'I'm not a big shopper' without a giggle-snort?
    We must talk soon. Now that we're both married I miss our Saturday morning re-hash phone calls.


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