Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Laments of an Internet Orphan

Oh. my. word.  I am so happy to be back in the land of the blog!  It has been over a week and I feel so disconnected from all of you.  And in light of my last post, sweet Jo from Bees and Fleur de lis even sent me an email making sure I was OK!!

So here's the story.  And I know it's kind of long.  But please indulge me by reading... I've been away for so long!

Last Tuesday afternoon (July 27th to be exact) we experienced massive thunder storms.  Lightning popping and thunder crashing all over.  And we were smart.  We unplugged everything electrical (computers, TVs, etc.) even though we have surge protectors.  But... we forgot to unplug the phone cords.  D*** phone cords!  So lightning strikes though the phone line and wipes out my husband's computer, a laptop the boys use, and the modem/wireless router.  No phone or internet or computer for unhappy husband.  At least my laptop was not hit, but it's useless for me as I can't blog!!!

Late that evening I use my Droid (Thank God - and I mean that sincerely - for cell phones!) to call ATT for repair and new wireless modem.  Repair man is to come the next day and modem will be sent in a few days.

Next day (Wednesday), I take irritated husband's computer to repair shop to see if it can be salvaged.  Won't know until Friday.  ATT comes and fixes phone line that afternoon.

Thursday, another lightning and thunder storm!!!  Too bad we aren't home to unplug all lines.  D*** it, that lightning hit our phone lines AGAIN!  Oh, and shot the Dish receiver in our bedroom as well.  Irate husband is beside himself.  Later, we call both ATT and Dish for repairs and a new receiver.  ATT says that it could be August 6th before we get our phone line repaired, thus impacting not only phone, but internet!

Friday, I am told incensed husband's computer is unsalvageable.  They were able download information, files, and the like for us on a CD, so I guess that's good news.  Still no phone/internet service.

Saturday, I call ATT to get their sorry selves over to our house and turn on the "steel magnolia" charm and also pull the "my husband is in a wheelchair".  Please don't hate me for that.  By this time, we are done with the whole thing.  We are promised repairs anytime Tuesday from 8 to 5. Oh, wireless modem arrives, but who cares at this point?  And another thing, I am on a major diet so my partaking of fun beverages involves drinking one - and only one - 55 calorie Budweiser Select. 

Fast-forward to Tuesday (yesterday).  Furious husband and I tag team staying home to catch the ATT repair man.  Five o'clock arrives... no repair man.  Chyanne, ATT manager, gets an ear-full and promises a warm body at our house first thing in the morning.

Oh happy day, the angels are singing and playing their harps in heaven!  He arrived!  He fixed the phone line!  He set up my new wireless internet!  He helped S get his IPod Touch wirelessly connected!

Now to get the Dish receiver.  Enraged husband can only take so many more nights of "Best of Friends" DVDs to fall asleep to.


  1. oh -no!!! that was some kind of storm!!!
    i;m so sorry! my little muffy is hooked on little house on the prairie, so she MIGHT have liked playing "old-fashioned days" for about an HOUR.... welcome back to blog land and the 21st century!

  2. I cannot believe lightening struck you twice. That's crazy! So glad you are back online. I have to agree with you about Thank God for my iPhone. We lost power in a storm earlier this summer and I was texting my next door neighbor and a few friends while down in the basement due to a tornado warning.

  3. I TOTALLY get it with AT&T!! We had it out with them back in January and it just killed me that the people you end up talking to can't even speak the English language and are located half way around the world!! UGH!!

  4. Glad you are back among the blogging! We have missed you!

  5. Glad you are back, sister!!!

  6. So happy to see that you are back in action! You've been missed by many. :)


  7. You were missed!


  8. Hoping "sweet" husband returns soon!! What a crazy electronic week you've had! Missed you. PS we love our Verizon fios - everything is underground!

  9. I can totally relate - we finally got Internet and e-mail access back last night after 4+ days without it. Although, ours was due to a move, not being struck by lightning, you poor thing! Sorry you had to deal with that. Hopefully everyone is feeling better now that you're connected again!

  10. That is terrible! I now know to unplug everything, never really thought about it as we have those surge protecting plugs too ugh

  11. Glad to see you back. I always enjoy reading your posts! I've been a lurker for awhile and have started my own blog. I hope we can be blog friends!


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