Friday, January 21, 2011

My New Friends Kate and Cassie

Don't you just love it when you buy or try something just because it's cute and it turns out to be just as cute yummy on the inside?

This week at Bunco, our hostess offered us quite a selection of reds and whites (in addition to scrumptious goodies). I am not a big white wine girl for the most part as white tends to "affect" me a bit more than it's red counterpart! So I took one look at this of bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot and knew this was the wine to try.

Just look at the black and white whimsical label! And look at that name Kate and Cassie! Don't they sound like they could be your best friends? "Hey Kate! Hey Cassie!" Even the back of the label reads "Kate and Cassie have been friends since they were small and have personalities as different as night and day. They have one thing in common... their love of wine. So from Kate and Cassie to you... Cheers!"

So I tried it. And I loved it! It was de-lish...

Today I got the biggest surprise. I was already a bit tired from the school week. I had my shoes off and was all curled up, reading on the sofa. Then my sweet friend Wendy (the Bunco hostess extraordinaire) called from her car to tell me she had something for me. A few minutes later she was standing at my front door, bottle of Kate and Cassie in her hand. Just perfect! What a dear friend!

So cheers to you Wendy! And thank you for introducing me to my new friends, Kate and Cassie!


  1. Oh how fun Bevy! I adore the name and the packaging too - and what a sweet friend you have to bring you a bottle of Kate & Cassie - I MUST put this on my list of wines to try! :) Happy weekend friend! xoox

  2. Ohhh, it's good to have friends!!!

  3. How sweet! I will have to look for these bottles next time I need some wine!

  4. How fun! I had a teacher workday yesterday and one of my friends had some people over after work for happy hour. I had so much fun sipping my water. NOT I couldn't believe it though when I went to grab my coat and it was 8:30! :0 It is always fun to get together with my teacher friends and have a good/fun vent/chat. It will be much more fun next time when I can actually drink alcohol. ;) Have a great weekend!

  5. That is the cutest name! It does sound like a little gathering with friends. xoxo

  6. How fun! i love when you discover new wines that are not only good, but INEXPENSIVE. Since we have "regulated" liquor stores in PA we do not always get a great selection. I'll have to cross the bridge into NJ to find for sure!
    Also, we are headed to Napa in June...may visit the winery...thanks!

  7. Love it! This is something that I will have to check out! It's so cute!

  8. I am sooooooooooo looking for Kate and Cassie! One of my besties would just swooooon over the label! Thank you kindly for this tip.

    Mrs. Kindergarten

    WooHooo Wendy!

  9. Love the label- must try. So fun to find a friend at your front door with such a lovely gift.

  10. Such a sweet friend! I'll have to give that brand a try. Have a great week ahead!


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