Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a Master Treat

It's interesting how many people from all over the east coast are blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting about the Grand Dame of golfing events: The Masters. I could go on and on about everything YOU COULD READ ABOUT ON THE INTERNET. But I'll just give you a few of my stories and observations...

We happen to live just over the Savannah River from Augusta, where the tourney is played. (The official name of the club is the Augusta National Golf Club.). My husband has been going for years to the tournament, which is held Thursday through Sunday. The practice rounds are Monday and Tuesday, with Wednesday's Par 3 following. Interestingly enough, he has never been to those - only the tourney. Sniff, sniff. Poor baby!

The entrance to the club. On any given day in Augusta, you can see people standing by the sign getting their picture taken. The fact that the entrance to the "enclave" is on one of the busiest roads, full of chain restaurants and shopping strips, is rather ironic.

Before we were married, almost four years ago, I had never been. I don't come from a golfing family. My father is a big hunter and fisherman and never got the thrill of hitting a little white ball for three to four hours.

I did, however, have the chance when I was in my twenties. This guy who I went out with ONCE and never got the hint I was NOT interested in him AT ALL called to invite me "to the most beautiful place on Earth". (I'm not joking. Those were his words.). I was so turned off that I made up an excuse that I had a meeting at church (Again, not joking. That was my excuse.) and couldn't make it. Looking back, I have to agree with all my guy friends who were appalled that I didn't go. "There were thousands of other people you could have hung out with! You could have dumped him there!" Stupid me.... that would have made a much better story.

The first time I went, Mike and I had only been dating only a few weeks. It's was a rainy Saturday. Of course I was dressed for my date: cute Lilly skirt, white polo style shirt, Jack Rogers. You get the idea. Did I mention it was RAINING? Mike drove me to his shop and told me to run in for these precious rainboots. Was I in love? Cute boy, day at the Masters, and cute rain boots! Of course!

These boots were such a hit, in fact, that when we stepped on the course, one of the CBS correspondents who was covering the "life style" segments of the Masters approached me to discuss my outfit. She LOVED the boots! And I was on national TV!

A couple of years later, the couple who we go with was approached by some golf magazine to cover what she wore! I promise neither one of our outfits were that amazing in our opinions. It's just how we do it.

But now I live a hop, skip and a jump away. I've been a few times. It really is stunning. The azaleas... The hundred year old oaks... The pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches.

That and a coke will only run you $2.50.

The food is a steal...

Because the merchandise isn't! Just some of the loot from over the years (not including cups, chairs, umbrellas, etc). Bet you can't guess which three items are mine! (Hint: they are all the same color!)

Hope this gave you a peek at my Masters experiences. Too bad I won't be there tomorrow. You know my husband will. Lucky duck...


  1. Very cute post! I have heard that it is a beautiful place. Would love to go someday.


  2. My husband would love to be there in person. Instead he will keep a close eye on it via every tv in our home. Our weekend is being scheduled around the event :)

    Have a great weekend~

  3. Cute post, Bevy. I have never been, but my dad used to always go to the practice rounds. He was convinced that you saw better golf. I would love to see the grounds, but I am not a golfer. I would eat a "minner cheese," though!

  4. Loved this post! I have been to the Masters several times. One of my very dear friends here used to work for a man who is a member of Augusta National. I'm not really into golf but I sure do love the beauty of it all - and you're so smart to mention the inexpensive food. Yum!

  5. Like you I haven't been to the National in several years. I'm thinking about making Matt his favorite on Sunday-egg salad. Pimento cheese will be on the menu for me. Maybe he will get lucky and score a ticket before tomorrow-just in case I need to get the honey do list out today.

  6. How lucky you are. We have never been, but would LOVE to someday. Thanks for sharing. Love the bargain food.
    OH, and you don't live under a rock, you are just a great mom who must limit your children's internet usage and thus that is why you have not heard the buzz. I thought the post I did today on the EASTER parody was the BEST!

  7. I really want a pimento cheese sandwich and Coke now - that sounds so good! We caught part of the Masters on TV this afternoon - will have to tune in tomorrow, too. Love the pink Masters gear you've acquired! Hope your Hubby enjoys tomorrow's play. I need to check out the leader board - I'm not even sure who's leading at this point!

  8. I hear about it all from my hubby. It's fun to read it from your perspective. Cute post!!

  9. I've been lucky to go a few times, even a Sunday. My favorite is the Par 3. Their egg salad is wonderful and I think the bread may be baked by actual angels. :) Jason is lucky enough to be going back today (on his birthday no less). I also love to people watch and laugh at the girls trying to work their way across the course in heels.

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  11. Thank you for the inside peek! Love the boots, of course you were on tv


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