Friday, April 1, 2011

Kindness, Thankfulness, and a Boy's Great Big Ol' Smile - Part 2

What a day Monday was for my class - and "Charles"... How could Part 1 of the story get better? Amazingly, it does.

When I arrived back at school Tuesday morning, I checked my school email. I received a lengthy one from a parent (Mr. P.) whose daughter came home in tears and told him and his wife about what happened. How only one child attended Charles's party and the big bag of gifts he received "from" the class.

Mr. P. continued that he and his wife had already called some of the other parents in the class and had organized an impromptu SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR CHARLES at the local Bouncy Bratz (one of those indoor playground franchises) for the next day. I was stunned. I got chills. Tears welled up in my eyes. (I'm getting chills and teary even now as I type.)

He had already called Charles's mother and made plans to pick him up from school on Wednesday along with eight other children. Another parent had offered to get cupcakes. Another, drinks.

Wednesday was exciting for those children involved. Whispers and looks between them were evident, if only to me. Of course Charles was in the dark. As I would have, he thought "his day" was over. He even brought one of the toys, a Bayblade, to show his class how it worked. His words, as he stood up in front of the class, were that he wanted to show them "one of the gifts you gave me". Precious...

When school was out, I told Charles that I needed him to walk with me to another teacher's room to help me get something. The other eight students were already waiting there with Mr. P. and a birthday balloon. Charles was so worried that he was going to miss his bus, but I kept on telling him that I promised he would get home. "Charles, have I ever lied to you?" "No, Mrs. W. I know. You're my Number One Fan." (Big smile)

When we walked in the classroom, the children all gathered around him, and the little girl whose idea it was told Charles that because they all missed his party, they were going to give him one that day. Oh, if you could have only seen that boy jumping around the room! He only stopped to meet Mr. P. and stick out his hand to shake Mr. P.'s hand. (I don't know where he learned that, but I know it will take him far!)

Below are pictures from the party. You know I had to stop by! I love how he is sitting in a big chair that looks kind of like he is sitting on a throne! In addition to presents, he also got some gift cards - which he was so excited about! When my own child, J, gave him a gift card from Walmart, again, he stuck out his hand to thank him.

Charles on "the throne"...

So excited with another boy from our class

Charles and J

Charles with Mr. and Mrs. P.

Right before J and I left, Charles gave me the biggest hug. "I love you, Mrs. W. You are the best to me. I just can't believe all of this. I can't believe they did this all for me." He then planted a kiss on my cheek and put his head on my shoulder. I hugged him tight.

No, I can't take credit for the party, or the big bag of gifts earlier this week. I can't take credit for any of it. That was the work of others. I witnessed, first hand, that there are truly wonderful children and families out there. There is compassion and love for others. There is an understanding that children can make a difference in other children's lives.

And for me, there is an understanding that they, Charles and his classmates, can make a huge difference in mine.


  1. W.O.W.!!! Oh Bevy, in all these years I have been reading blogs, this 2 part blog is by far the BEST I have EVER read!!!! REALLY!!!!
    Besides the fact that you have incredible writing capabilities, the story you tell is REAL and INCREDIBLE!! I was drawn to your blog for a reason....
    THANK YOU!!!

  2. I'm crying again. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of friendship.

  3. It sounds like you (all) have huge hearts and there is one happy little boy for it!!

  4. I love this story. Thank you Bevy!

  5. Oh, Bev..... This is wonderful! I am going to make sure everyone I know reads it!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  6. Great story and great lesson--it is never too late to do something kind for someone! Thanks for being the kind of teacher who would assist in making all the plans happen. Love this!

  7. This is the goal that we {teachers} all strive for and you, my dear friend, have achieved! You deserve some of the credit even though you are too humble to accept. The lessons you have taught these little guys will serve them a life time. Well done! My guess is that we haven't heard the last of young Charles; I expect that we will hear of greater accomplishments in his future. I'm so happy that your son was there to witness his happiness and see your pride.


  8. WOW...what a beautiful story of kindness and compassion!!!

  9. What a fabulous story. Thank you so much for sharing. Touching lives is the reason why I teach!!!

  10. Wonderful story, wonderful lesson!

  11. Bevy, I try to instill this lesson in my girls be careful of how you make others feel! A truly beautiful story.. You as I remember were always a great teacher!

  12. That is a very inspiring story Bevy. It is always nice to know there are such caring and thoughtful people in the world as the parents that took the time to make that boy feel special! :)

  13. This is the best story ever! It brought tears to my eyes. Our only hope is that all children could be that giving.


  14. A beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. One never knows when they will be touched by an Angel. :)

  15. I am going to have my seven year old read this story, simply touching.And you have something to do with Charles and his amazing growth. Just beautiful.

  16. This is exactly the kind of story that makes me believe this world is full of loving kind people.

  17. oh come on... ye have little faith in your stylish friend! come see which shoe I opted for!

  18. How wonderful - this gave me chills! It warms your heart to hear this story and to see what it did for the young man. I have a feeling he will go far. He and the other students will never forget this. :)

  19. amazing! just amazing! what wonderful citizens all these children will grow up to be and make great contributions to our world! this literally is your blind side movie....thank you for sharing!
    we make it a point to adopt from an angel tree each year and have the little miss shop for a child in need --
    making a difference is the greatest gift each of us have and have the capability of doing!! :-)

  20. What a fantastic and inspirational story-thanks for sharing!


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