Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Tricks... But Bloggie Treats for Me!

I know today is Halloween and all, but yesterday was full of bloggie treats for me!  Yesterday was my town's Fall Steeplechase.  Much smaller and subdued than the full-blown soiree for the horse set (and just those who want to show off their new spring smocks and togs) in the spring, the October event is not quite as dressy an affair.  You see more jeans with dressy-casual tops for the ladies and khakis with polos for the men.

Yesterday we spent time at two spots.  The first was with the party we arrived, cute fun girlfriends and their families from my BUNCO group.  The second was with couples we knew from our Sunday School class.  Mike and I attend a VERY LARGE church in our town, and so our class is very representative of the size.  We know people in the class, but have never felt we really KNEW them.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, we decided to go visit their tent.

Oh my heavens... what did my rabid football fan of a husband discover when we made our way to the second spot?  Satellite television with the South Carolina/Tennessee game playing!  There was no turning back.  Some other husbands continue to hand him bourbon and cokes... Still no turning back.  South Carolina is playing well and is winning... Again, no turning back.  Whoo Hoo - we won!

Don't worry, I had fun too!  Look closely and see my latest Lilly purchase around my neck:  a cute gold turtle necklace purchased on the Nantucket trip!

But one of the highlights of the day was getting to know two fellow bloggers from my town even better.  Both were what I would call acquaintances from around town and our VERY LARGE church.  We knew each other's names.  Our husbands knew each other.  But that was about it.  Enter blog world... and, well you know what happens when I get to know fellow cute bloggers!  I HAVE to get to know them better... even if it means flying up the eastern seaboard to do it.  This time all I had to do was go to a horse race!

So without further ado, let me introduce them to you!

Aundrea, from The Road We're Own, is a precious girl.  She is an amazing mom to four children, has a true heart for God, and knows how to have fun in most everything she does.  I love her sense of humor - pretty dry, like mine.  Another plus is that her husband can mix quite a drink on demand...  that, I really love!  I have loved getting to know her both through her blogs and quick convos at our club pool over the summer.  With this girl, I look forward to lots more fun events together!

Monica, from Monica's World, is another mother of four - boys!  We have lots of fun talking about the antics of those testosterone-y creatures.  This chick is the most amazing writer.  She too has a heart for God and shares both her faith and everyday life events with honesty and humor.  If you haven't read her, you must!  She has chronicled the pregnancies and births of each of her boys in such a way I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face! 

These girls know I am making these introductions... so please take a look at their blogs!

Hope you and your goblins had a wonderfully spooky Halloween!


  1. What a fun day! I read both of their blogs and enjoy them! Thank you for sharing, Bevy! And I LOVE your necklace!

  2. Love it! It's amazing how bloggers seem to connect with each other. So glad you had a great weekend.

  3. How fantastic! I love that you are meeting so many bloggers!!!

  4. So nice to meet other bloggers...we ran into some at Disney too.

    I read your post on godly Mothering and I could relate. I strive to mothering with graciousness, patience and selfless giving and love but we are only human Bevy. We hit the wall sometimes:) Hugs.

  5. What a great afternoon ~ love the photos and you look fabulous! How fun that you were able to get to know bloggers in your own back yard.



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