Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Preppy Mom's Car

After reading True Prep and re-reading TOPH, I was inspired by the illustrations and descriptions of the various preppy rooms and the like. So much so that, as I surveyed my Honda Odyssey, I felt led to write my own.  So I invite you to take a visit...

Front bumper:
Vanity plate from Edisto Beach where we have a summer house

Back window:
Converse College Donor sticker changes every year 
Pink and Green sticker from Gabi in preparation for 
the BIG trip!
Camp sticker from S's camp

      Front seat area:

      • CD case contents: 3 REM CDs from the late 80s to mid 90s, soundtracks to Rent and Les Mis, and whatever S and J have thrown in there
      • Tissue box
      • Lilly Pulitzer Bermuda Bag found under the driver's seat from this summer
      • Pink and green Turvis Tumbler a gift from a student last year. Usually filled with Crystal Lite Pink Lemonade
      • Brooks Brothers button-down and Vineyard Vines polo still in plastic bags to be returned/shipped to said stores as they are too small for J and too big for S, respectively. Have been in the car for over a month now.
      • Lilly Pulitzer key fob free gift from last sale
      • Lancome lipstick in "Crushed Rose"
      • Linda Francis Lee's Devil in the Junior League audiobook in the CD player I know it's been out forever, but Frede Ware and Nikki Grout always make me laugh!
      • S's golf glove
      • My bucket bag
      Back seat area:

      • Hot pink golf umbrella with my monogram in green
      • Target's version of the Reisenthel Market Tote used as a trash basket
      • Four sets of headphones at any given time at least two or three don't work due to kids throwing them around the van or dead batteries. Remember, I have only TWO children
      • J's golf glove
      • Basket of DVDs
      • Random DVD or CD who knows?
      • DVD remote NOT in the correct remote holder
      • Football
      • Chick-fil-a french fries and cups have finally been cleaned out
      Cargo Area:

      • S and J's golf bags
      • Lilly P. and Publix reusable grocery bags
      • My tennis bag
      • Numerous golf tees
      • Masters folding chair from 1993. In here because you just never know when you may be tailgating! 
      • Jumper cables
      • Sand from trips to Edisto and Pawleys Island
      Aren't all preppy mom-mobiles traveling storage units? And aren't they all really a window into our worlds?



      1. What a great post- I posted several months ago about cleaning out my car. Skittles do not do well over time- become very gummy. A friend said McDonald's fries do not decompose no matter how long they sit. Right now I have folding chairs, baby wipes, a drink bottle, Michael Jackson CDs, golf umbrella, ballet bag, football, tennis ball, golf balls, writing tablets, various pens and pencils, Stephen Bonnanos sandals, a tablecloth, red Georgia Clay from football tailgating- this is just right now without digging under the seats-----SOOOOOO Glad I'm not the only one!

      2. Your car looks very clean... no dust! Loved the glimpse into your world!

      3. What a great post! I love the sand!!! I actually hate the sand in my car, but I love that it becomes a memory at some point :)

      4. Love this post! We have the same Masters chair...just in case!

      5. You are so B.R.A.V.E. to post the contents of your vehicle. When my children were your children's ages, I'm not sure that I was as so "together" as you are!! Could relate to it all.....but we had much more "mess" involved!!

      6. love this! i was going to do a post on my car (a.k.a. the traveling dumpster)...only my car should be condemned(sp?)! if i do i'll link back to you...this too cute! i'm impressed by the cleanliness and you have 2 boys!!!!

      7. Pretty impressive clean car! I spent the weekend hauling pine straw in mine to spruce up the yard for fall. That took awhile to vacuum out. lol

      8. Look very much like the inside if my white Honda Odyssey!!!

      9. It all sounds so familiar...remnants from multiple summer trips, golf & tennis equipment, chairs & umbrellas, and I can't forget the food remnants and trash!

      10. You're very daring :) My suv needs a major cleaning before the snow starts to fly. I'll just add that task to my ever growing to-do list.


      11. love, love, love the items in your preppy mom's car!! Makes me smile. I'm a misplaced southern girl (Kappa Kappa Gamma grad Univ. South Carolina originally from North Carolina)now living in Pittsburgh and my Acura MDX has several of the same items as yours!!! ...although I have lots of Chick Fil A waffle fries stuck between the seats. :) Love your blog! Have a wonderful week


      Thanks for your sweet comments... They make my day just that more Golden!