Friday, June 24, 2011

Mountain Bound

You would not believe the support and kind words I have received both in blogland and the "real world". I really needed to share my feelings and concerned and am so thankful for those who validated me!

We are now looking forward to a much needed long stay in the mountains of North Carolina. It's where I've spent almost every summer of my life... Kanuga. And oh, how we are needed this time to renew our spirits and feed our senses with the smells of the mountain pines and the fellowship of my extended family. This year will be even more of a blessing to us as Mike and I have decided that our family will go a week early this year so we can attend the annual Renewal Conference, a week of Biblically (as opposed to theologically) based teaching, worship and fellowship. As I pray for this week, I know that all four of us will be blessed.

We have started packing for our journey...

The car will be crammed with everything but the kitchen sink...

And the excitement will mount with each mile...

Ah... Paradise...



  1. Bevy,

    I hope you have an amazing time; are able to reflect, rejuvenate, and enjoy one another. The blessings you will see each day, will surprise you. I look forward to hearing about those you want to share~

  2. I pray you and your family will be blessed with the renewal you are seeking. God will give you and Mike the peace you need during this time. I will message you about a prayer request for my family.

  3. I am praying it is a time of great refreshment for you all!

  4. Enjoy your time in the mountains - we'll be in the NC mountains later next month. Great place to relax and enjoy time with family & friends. Hope all is well with your FIL and your family. Thinking of you guys. :)


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