Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I am getting very sleepy, as I do most nights about this time: 8:30 pm.  It's the time the boys are getting ready for bed and I get ready for the next day.  I set the coffee pot, get lunches ready, and have all the breakfast paraphernalia ready for tomorrow.  I am drained.  These are the things I really want to do (and in this order):  wash and moisturize my face (pretty basic), brush my teeth, finish my Bible Study, and read blogs (oh, and randomly Twitter with new friends! Love you!).

Younger son, Jackson, fits rather well with this selfish routine I have.  Along with his blue blankie, all he needs is a quick tuck and the two of us saying the poem from I Love You Forever together:
I love you forever.
I like you for always.
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be.
Then we air kiss three times.  We call it "Special Child Time".  Then he makes me close all the shutters and doors in his room so it is pitch black.  Two to three minutes and I am done.
Older son, Sumter, is a different breed.  And it is he who crimps my selfish being and desires.  My 10 1/2 year old must have the "Magic Tuck" which involves one kiss to the ear, one kiss on the nose, two kisses on the forehead, another kiss to said ear, and three "I love yous" in the other ear.  Then he does the same to me.  Sometimes, his dog, Lucy, must get in the game.  It only takes 30 seconds, tops. But it doesn't end there.  Sumter needs "snuggle" time.  Oh... I am too tired for that!  I haven't finished my Bible Study!  (I want to read blogs!)

But, oh, how much I love it too!  I mean, how many tween boys still want to talk about their day with their mom?  How many ask their mom's opinions about friends and school?  How many want to hear what life was like when I was 10?  How many feel comfortable enough to confess what they heard at school?

I really don't know.  But I do know one thing:  I know one who does... and I'd better take advantage of it as long as I can.


  1. How sweet is that-My youngest says, One more, one more! He can't get enough kisses...I love it, but some nights, I am so tired, so I hear ya!
    God Bless!

  2. i love this post. my jackson (7) is still the one who wants me to lie down with him and "hold my hand for one minute"...after saying the prayer. his concept of one minute does not jive with real time however.

    my oldest is usually the one who is lying in bed reading and tells me to wait until he gets to a stopping point for me to say good nite. However, as i was walking out tonight, he called to me and asked me if I would stay a little longer. Of course i said yes, and then he said that he was cold (what's up with this here tomorrow night??? Ugh!). Anyway, i already had on my fleecy pjs so i climbed in bed and became a human blanket for a few minutes. he'll be 9 in 3 months. i was loving every minute of it - he is changing and maturing so fast. i try so hard to hang on to these tender moments because i can physically feel them slipping through my mommy fingers.

    good nite!

  3. I love this and just got teary eyed reading it. Mini #1 is only 4 and I sometimes wonder how many more nights and times do I have of snuggle time and "cozy us." I hope I still have a lot of more of it too.

    What sweet bedtime rituals. Isn't it funny what "sticks" and becomes a beloved tradition.
    Enjoy that snuggle time.

    PS-I love that you do all of those things the night before. I am so OCD about getting everything perfect to make the morning go smoothly and as stress free as possible. :)

  4. They are growing up so fast! I cherish all these moments with my boys.

  5. Such sweet memorable moments. Love the time I spend w/my kids every evening. Love cuddling under a blanket and sipping hot cocoa with my kiddos.

  6. This made me sad!! Some nights I have all of the time in the world for good nights, and some nights I'm just too exhausted. I am going to continue to treasure those sweet moments! Loved this sweet post.

  7. I used to cry when I read that book to my class.

  8. My older two get a peck on the cheek and the forehead and a hug and a tuck. They stay up and read for a while. I sing lullabies to Alexander until his eyes get heavy. I did the same for the other two too. It's not a bedtime without songs!

  9. You are such a sweet mom! Your boys are precious and it's wonderful that you have special time with them. The fact that your son wants to share so much with you speaks volumes about you as a person and a mother. I love this time with my girls and feel like they are growing up so much.

    PS And I love to twitter with you!


  10. Oh, this is the sweetest post I have read in awhile! I LOVE it. We do stories snuggled in my bed, then the boys head off to their room and usually read for a while. Oh, that book makes me CRY!!!!

  11. Oh, how this post made me miss the sweet bedtime routine Miss Priss and I had. Now she barely kisses me goodnight. Pinkie on the other hand milks bedtime for all it is worth. As much as it wears me out, I better enjoy, because she will be her sister's age before I know it and not want a thing to do with me!

  12. What a great post! We certainly want to hold onto those precious moments as long as we can. I can relate to the bedtime routine - very similar to our household.

    Oh, and I guess I should congratulate your Gamecocks on their win the other night. I'm still a little bitter, but I'll get over it eventually. ;)

  13. Okay ... that is precious. We have sweet bedtime rituals as well. And I LOVED your comment on my blog about your older one holding your hand again ... but this time to protect you!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  14. So adorable. Enjoy every minute. My oldest is going on 13 and he is too old to snuggle like that. I miss it.

  15. What a sweet routine! I cannot read that book ~ makes me cry every time. I tried to read this to my class once and had to stop several times and snif back the tears ~ such a marshmellow.

    My "little" guy will still come into my bedroom and lay on the bed with me {when he is home}. While it's not really snuggle time, it's still my time to reconnect with him in a very quiet way.



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