Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They Know How We Really Live

I live for every other Wednesday.  I'm not kidding.  I A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y live for today.  For today is the day I come home from school with the boys to a house that smells of Pine Sol and clean Pine Cone Hill hem-stitched sheets.  The hardwood floors are shiny.  The silver picture frames are dusted.  Any Wedgewood plates I had stacked in the sink from breakfast are clean and put away.  My cute Lilly coffee thermal mug is washed and considerately placed beside the coffee maker.  The bathrooms are so clean you'd never know two testoterone-y boys inhabit the abode.  It's like a little cleaning fairy has waved her magic wand...

But I gratefully know better.  I have three fairies who whoosh into my house and get to work on this place we call home.  Where as you, dear blends, see only pictures of a clean and gracious home, Kathy and her girls see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

On those Wednesday mornings, I frantically try to get the house in some sort of order so that it can be cleaned.  I throw random items in drawers.  My sons whine the exact same whine I did as a child:  "Why do I have to straighten my room before the maids get here?  I thought they came here to clean."  And I go through the same schpeel my mom went with me.  (You know what I'm talking about!)

Today I came home to my lovely, clean home.  BUT I noticed something awry.  My basket of fruit was a bit smaller.  It was missing a few pieces.  Where were my bananas and oranges that were near the bottom?   It hadn't been that long since I had put them there (or had it?).  They were getting a little ripe, and I was planning on making some fruit salad for the family. Then I noticed a little note:

Mrs. W.,
We hope you don't mind, but we threw out 
the rotten fruit that was in the basket.  
It was getting moldy.

So much for appearances... they know how we really live.

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  1. Too funny! Yep, I look forward to every other Tuesday because our wonderful Jane comes to the house. I feel the same way - love walking through the door, a neat kitchen in front of me, vacuumed floors, etc. It's a huge help to this working mom. And, Tuesday morning, we were all picking up odds and ends off the floor in preparation for Jane's visit. :)

  2. For many years I've toyed with the idea of hiring a little around the house. However, I always shy away because I would could the house from top to bottom before they arrived for fear of what they would think of our family ~ rather defeats the point.


  3. OMGosh! We are SO much alike!! I am the exact same way only my special day is every other Friday!! LOVE those days!!

  4. I am ROTFL because that is how I feel every other Thurs! Today is my cleaning day and it is exactly the same way in my house. I like to call it the preclean! And there is nothing better than walking into a spotless clean smelling house! :)

  5. How wonderful!! As a working mama, you deserve the help. I'm sorry about your fruit loss!

  6. oh, i miss our cleaning people. we had them stop when we really started saving for the adoption. i just cannot get the entire house cleaned at one time now. i know the feeling of walking into a completely clean house with two boys (who would go on to destroy it as soon as they possibly could). i miss that feeling. :)

    i also know the stress of getting "ready" for the cleaning people. i actually dreaded those mornings, but it was all worth it once we got home that day.

  7. Bev, we are kindred (sp? and I was a teacher, shameful) spirits. I sooooo remember my mother frantically running through the house on Thursday mornings cleaning. I would wonder aloud why she was even bothering b/c Nancy was going to clean the house anyways. My mom made us make our beds, which I thought was ridiculous b/c Nancy was just going to unmake it to change and wash the sheets! Thursdays were the days we were not allowed back into the house until dinner (if it was raining we had to bypass the main house and head directly to the bonus room above the garage) for fear of ruining the cleanliness. I always thought she was neurotic, but I now know she was just trying to enjoy the one luxury she had. A clean house that she did not have to stay up until all ungodly hours cleaning! I would soooo give up an appendage to have that one luxury. Oh well maybe one day in the future! Love ya girlie! It makes me laugh to know that there is someone else who gets me!LOL

  8. That is hilarious! I too have to explain to the whole house every other week why I am cleaning before the cleaning ladies come, just like my mom did. I often wonder just what the cleaning crew thinks of us and our daily habits...or lack there of! You are right--they do see it all!

  9. How funny! and AHHH, I miss having the house cleaned professionally (not in budget lately). No matter how much MORE work it actually was trying to HIDE how we really live - it was SOOO worth. Fruit, $3.00 - Clean House = PRICELESS!

  10. Monday is my magical day and it cannot come fast enough!!!

    My fairies fold my toilet paper ends into this cute little triangular shape. I love it so!

  11. That's too funny! I always have to "clean" before someone else cleans for me. Too funny! You're so sweet.

  12. Fridays are that day at our house. Daisy has been with us for more about 14 years and she has seen it all! Bless her heart...I don't know what we'd do without her.

  13. I have Anna come every Wednesday too and I lOVE it!!!! I will confess something...many years ago, I was very ill (They thought I had MS) and I could barely walk. I had a full time housekeeper/nanny. it was HEAVEN! I don't need it now (and it would be too expensive) but I sure love my Wednesdays:)
    Enjoy your clean house and have a great weekend.

  14. Thanks so much for the Dave Ramsey advice- I looked around on his website, but I'm going to sit down and look at it more this weekend. :)

  15. i had to set my blog to private because of someone using my information:(
    email me your email address at if you would to still view my blog!


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