Saturday, January 16, 2010

She Doesn't Understand (And the winner is... )

 My Muz's cute needlepoint daisy shoes.

My sweet grandmother came with my parents yesterday to see the boys play their basketball games.  After visiting with the boys, Muz asked me this question:  "Bevy, why do you write a blog?  Why do you think people want to know all those things about you?  Like the fact that you love your Lilly Pulitzer coffee mug?  When do you have time to do this?"  You see, my mother reads my blogs occasionally and she showed my grandmother a few of them.  I thought Muz would love the fact that I write about both special and daily events in my life.  She, in fact, as an Episcopal rector's wife, wrote a column in our church's monthly "Messenger" called Personally Speaking. In her column, she wrote not only about church events, but even events going on in the parishioners' lives:  parties, trips, accomplishments.  If blogs were around then, Muz would be Queen Blog!

So I told her, "It's like journal, Muz."

It's a place to write about both the trivial and superficial
as well as the deep and important things in my life

It's where I write about everyday anecdotes
as well as celebrations of successes

I share my history

I share my home

I share my hopes, fears, and faith

I even shared my Muz in the very first post.
If you don't have time to read any of these
I have highlighted, do read this one... it tells you  

Oh, and congratulations to my cute blend, Pink, Green, and Southern as the winner of the Pink and Green Snuggie!  It's a Golden Day for you!


  1. I truly enjoy your blog. I've only started to follow recently and I have enjoyed every post since. I especially enjoyed waking this Sunday morning before the rest of the family while the house is SILENT, sipping my coffee, and visiting your blog. Although we have never met and probably won't, I feel as if you are a friend. I plan to visit all the posts you mention here - Thanks, It's a Golden Day (for me).

  2. Yay for PG&S, if I couldn't win, I'm glad she did :)
    I just don't think the older generation gets the blogging thing! Actually, even some in our generation don't get it! I love it though! I have a place to record pictures and memories, and have made some great friends in the process! ;)

  3. AND, as I said on FB, because if you didn't you would not have met me! ;) So many things I need to read of yours... can't wait!

    Btw, are you insinuating that I couldn't make the pillow?????

  4. I love Pink, Green and Southern! Am so excited she won your cute giveaway!

    Am looking forward to clicking on your highlight posts.

    Two things about your recent comment on my blog: I was surprised that both my small, regular grocery store and my big fancy one carried ground bison. I had just never noticed it before. Secondly, please email me and tell me how your doctor your Jiffy cornbread mix. I love that stuff.


  5. I love this post! What a great idea. My friends who are 37 or 38 like me don't understand why I blog, and I know the older generation definitely doesn't! I can't get enough of blogging:). I think it ministers to our souls!! And, I have made so many fabulous friends!

  6. OMG, I just saw this!!!! I am sooooo excited--you made my day, sweet friend!!! I never win anything; I can't believe it! This is just the thing I need to get me through this sick winter with a smile on my face!

  7. P.S. Your Muz and her shoes are adorable!

  8. I love the Golden Day saying, Muz is so cute!

  9. Creative/cute post!!
    By the way, read back to your Golden Day post and I laughed at this:
    Some of my college friends tell me that when they think of me, they think back to that girl at Converse College wearing pearls and Birkenstocks (I couldn't figure out whether I was a debutante or a dead-head. The debutante won.)
    That is SO me, I love my pearls AND birks (but have transitioned to Dansko clogs over the past year or so ;) ha)

  10. Love your blog. I'm an Episcopal deacon with a blog. Check it out sometime. It's mostly my sermons but I've got a few other things on there as well.

  11. So cute! I know a lot of people who don't get why I log either. One of my friends even sad she was worried that I would replace my real life friends and social needs with my blog friend!) I told her there was room for everyone:)

    I am very glad you joined the blogging world. Yeah for Pink Green and Southern!!!


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