Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Can STILL Eat Him Up!

Last week I introduced you to my younger son, Jackson.  I gushed about how proud I was of him... so much so that I felt a little guilty.  So, here is my older son, Sumter, my ten-year-old.   As he is a fifth grader, we can put Now and Then pictures in his elementary school yearbook. This is the "now" picture he wants.

And here is the "then" picture... Don't you just want to eat him up!?!?  You mothers of small children, savor every moment!

Yes, Sumter is definitely entering that awkward stage of a "tween".  (What a strange word.  It makes me think it should be some weird cartoon character of the 80's, like the Smurfs and Snorks.)   He can be sassy at times.  He can yell at his younger brother.  He can be... a ten-year-old!

But I must say Sumter is a great kid and reflects the morals and manners we try to instill in our boys.  He always says, "Ma'am" and "Sir".  He is compassionate towards others who are not as fortunate as he is.  He notices when someone says, "Oh, God!" and tells me later that he really wants to share why they shouldn't do that.  He still wants me to tuck him in at night and snuggle, which really means let him talk to me and pray about his day.

Yes, you mothers of very young children should savor every day.  But this mother of a "tween" savors every day too!


  1. OMG he is adorable!!!! So cute. xoxo


  2. What a cutie and what a great name, too!

  3. Thanks so much! We are one of those crazy southern families who are all named after each other!


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