Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Heading to the Championship!

In honor of Sumter's football team, Aiken Tigers, I am writing in orange.  (See his football picture a few blogs down.)  We just won the last round of the play-offs and we are on to the CHAMPIONSHIP this Thursday!  Poor Jackson's team, the little guys' Aiken Tigers team, lost in the second round.  He was so sad that football season was over he had tears in his eyes!

I have never sat through such a nail-biter of a game as I did tonight.  But they won, 24-14.  They played great!  But what I am most proud of is the sportsmanship and integrity the coaches instill in his team.  Those coaches are tough.  They expect the best out of those little guys.  Both boys have come home exhausted, hungry, and filthy.  But, more often than not, they came home with huge smiles on their faces, saying, "That was the BEST PRACTICE EVER!"

Awesome, 'cause this Thursday night is going to be the BEST GAME EVER!!!

Go Aiken Tigers!!!

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