Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lilly and Basketball and Droids, Oh My!

"Oh my" is right!  It's been four days since I last posted.  And what on earth has kept me so busy?  The answers are these:

  • Finally cool/almost cold weather has caused me to get out all my cute sweaters, especially my cute Lilly cable knits!  This is the one I wore to the boys' basketball games this weekend.  They were both early in the morning, so hair was not quite presentable.  What's a cute mom to do to remedy the "bad hair morning"?  Don the pink monogrammed tennis hat that perfectly matches the sweater!

  • I bought the Verizon Droid on Saturday.  I've really wanted the IPhone, but a)  AT&T coverage in our area is very sketchy and b) we are still customers of Verizon (and their coverage is awesome).  It took me most of Saturday and Sunday to sync my old contacts and calendar onto it and understand how to work all the cool apps and stuff.  If you asked me if I liked my new Droid then, I might say that I wasn't sure.  But today (Hallelujah!) I feel like I have finally figured it out and have put some really fun apps on it.  PLUS, I also  have a protective pink cover AND... the cutest Lilly wallpaper on it! 

How can I not be happy with Lilly's pink and green monkeys
smiling at me whenever I pick it up?!


  1. how did you get the Lilly wallpaper on there? Still in a toss-up between the Droid and the iPhone over here...

  2. SUPER jealous of the pink cover and wall paper!!! I have an i phone=oh well. Love your cap too. xoxo


  3. Loving all the pink! I'm with Jess ~ how did you get the Lilly wallpaper?



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