Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Card Pictures with a Bit of Testoterone

Looked at sweet Pearls and Grace's blog with her beautiful children posing for this year's Christmas card.  They look so angelic and dear.  All dressed in cream and white...

Here are my two angels, or should I say, testoterone-y boys.  (We can thank Pheobe Buffay from FRIENDS for that descriptive word!).  No white, no linen, no smocking.  Just S and J, in Ralph Lauren plaid and Vineyard Vines cotton sweater on the Pawley's Island hammock in the backyard.

 Rough-housing in the Santa hats...

Looks like J lost his!
(And he wet his hair for some unknown reason?)


Thank heavens, looks like we finally got one!
Completely captures these boys...

Testoterone-y Blessings..


  1. Too cute! I feel your pain:) My boys run from the camera when they see me coming. Glad you were able to get a great pic for your cards.


  2. Gotta have boys to understand boys!!!

    Love it,

  3. They are darling!!!! I feel your pain! I have only 1 boy & boys are a mess! :) Your boys are precious. Merry Christmas!

  4. looks remarkably like my Xmas card pics! They are aeorable!

  5. How cute..they look like they have fun together!
    sandy toe


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