Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Breakfast Room Fluffing Part 1

Happy Christmas to me in one week (or so)!  After living in our new home for a little over two years, I am finally getting those window treatments I have coveted.  I absolutely love our home, especially my kitchen.  It is a lovely shade of pale aqua blue (Sherwin Williams "Quietude"), has amazing, "ginormous" molding, and 10 foot ceilings.  Can you see the 10 foot ceilings in our breakfast room?  Of course you can!  (Sometimes I wonder if they are too high.) 

Can you tell what is missing?  What would make this room so much cozier and warmer?  You guessed it:  WINDOW TREATMENTS!  I had so much fun picking out the fabric and trim.  Do you remember when you found "the" dress or "that" amazing pair of shoes?  That's how I felt when I found these!

The pomegranate fabric will be the main treatment with the yellow window pane fabric as a medium width band along the bottom.   As soon as they are up, I will certainly post pics in celebration! 

I am also in the midst of covering the cushions of the breakfast room chairs.  Poor things... with boys, these cream cushions never had a chance!  So on my fabric buying pilgrimage for window treatments, I stopped by the bargain bin outside Material Things (in Aiken) and found this amazing silk stripe that will match the window treatments just perfectly!  And at the bargain price of only 7.00 per yard, I bought much more than enough to cover the cushions many times over.  (Remember my  two testoterone-y boys?!?)
Before and After
And my mother-in-law and I did this all by ourselves!

Keep following as I will be unveiling the "new" breakfast room soon!



  1. your quietude looks an awful lot like our downstairs bathroom... can't remember the the name... the painters have the swatch! oh boy is the kitchen GREEN!

  2. Oh, I love the color! And your fabric choices!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. Yes, boys sure are messy aren't they?

  3. What a pretty color on your walls!! I can't wait to see the new drapes!

  4. Whoo Hoo! My seamstress just called to tell me they are almost ready!

  5. It is so nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I am now a follower of you!

  6. Love the color on the walls ~ can't wait to see the window treatments.

    Did I understand your comment correctly ~ do you only have 10 days until Christmas vacation? I want to work in your school!

    Love the Christmas card photo ~ have taken many of those in the past.


  7. Thanks for your sweet comment! I love the chairs and can't wait to see the window treatments!

  8. I am SO there! :) We don't get out until the 23rd and it's a half day at that.

  9. What a beautiful home you have! Our tastes are so similar. I LOVE the fabric you chose for your window treatments. I can't wait to see how they look in your breakfast room. Your chairs turned out so well - what a steal on that pretty fabric!

    Have a good weekend!

  10. No Sherwin Williams!!! JK...Love your blog! I finally figured out how to follow. :.)

  11. I love the fabrics and can't wait to see the treatments! I bet it is going to look like a million bucks!

  12. wWhat a gorgeous color. Very calm and soothing. Can't wait to see the final product!


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