Monday, December 7, 2009

Hats Off to the Junior League

Mike and I traveled back to my hometown this past weekend for Christmas party my sister and brother-in-law were hosting with a few other couples.  It was great seeing old friends and catching up on everyone's lives and holiday plans.  The big topic of conversation was the Junior League of Columbia's Holiday Market which was going on that weekend.

Conversations were buzzing on all the preparations, behind the scenes work, the success of the Preview Party, and the new event:  PJs with Santa.  I listened to every detail, and asked questions about pictures I had seen posted on Facebook.  Why?  Because not so long ago, I was in the throngs of it myself.

I joined the JLC at the ripe old age of 23, just a year out of college.  My mother and grandmother's friends were my sponsors, and I jumped into the vestige of volunteerism with glee.  I loved being involved; my favorite placement was Provisionals Chair.  I felt I was at Headquarters so often that my sons (when they were very young) were never surprised when we pulled up in the parking lot.

I resigned from the JLC when I knew I was moving to Aiken.  I was also 38, only a few years from sustaining.  (Aiken doesn't have a Junior League.)  I didn't think I would miss it that much.  But I guess I do.  The Junior League is such an asset to its community.  Its volunteers are some of the most committed and "with it" women I know.  They are not just society women with too much time on their hands.  My daddy always says, "If you want something -anything - done right, you call the Junior League."  And he is right!

So hears to you, ladies of the Junior League of Columbia.  You did it again!



  1. I can't wait to join a JL, but I'm nervous I won't have time after college with med school. sounds like they do great work in columbia!

  2. How I wish their was a Jr League here. I miss it! The Jr. League ball-we have generations of funny stories from that. xoxo


  3. That's great to hear there's such a wonderful organization in my own backyard!!

  4. I am a sustainer in the Junior League of Dallas, and I concur with your thoughts on Jr. League. I often joke that I will not serve on another PTA committee unless it's chaired by someone with JL training. JL teaches you about efficient meetings and about not wasting volunteers' time.

    I saw on Hopsy's blog that your favorite Christmas carol is "O, Holy Night." I love that song as well.

    Tonight we attended the choir concert at my son's high school, and for the finale, all of the choirs came out into the audience and stood up and down all the aisles and sang "O, Holy Night" surrounding us. They turned off the lights, and the choir members each held an electric candle. It was mesmerizing. You would have definitely loved it!

  5. Yes, I am a SC girl. I had never been to the play until this year. Didn't know what I was missing.
    Nice to 'meet' you.

  6. I hate that Aiken doesn't have a Jr. League! I know they could use you!!! I was in the Jr. League in NC & have considered being a transfer here in Florida. You are right; it is a wonderful organization! Do you happen to know the Brabhams from Columbia?

  7. G and H Brabham? Then yes! H went to college with me, and then we played on the same tennis team for years. Oh, and we were in the JLC together too. I haven't seen them in years though. If these are the right ones, how do you know them?

  8. Her name is C, so maybe she is married to a sibling? She has two little girls & they own a fence company. I am having trouble grasping his name, but I think it may start w/ an H. I'll keep trying!!! Yes, it is an H. and its ending rhymes with ford. We worked at Greystone together at Jr. Camp for the past few years!

  9. That's G's younger brother! Crazy small world! I was really hoping you knew H from college so that maybe WE had a connection!

    You still work at camp? What do you do?

  10. I just joined our local Junior League at the ripe old age of 36! It's been a very rewarding experience, I'm meeting the most amazing women and learning so much about my community (of which I am a native). We just completed our Hollydays Market and it was a huge success! So, yes, cheers to the Junior League and what it does throughout the country.


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