Friday, December 4, 2009

The Crippled Lamb

One of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas every year is getting out all of the Christmas books.  Some are books were mine growing up:  The Big Book of Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Others are books we have bought over the years for the boys:  Olive the Other Reindeer,  Christmas Snow, and numerous versions of the REAL Christmas Story.

My all-time favorite, however, is The Crippled Lamb.

Without giving too much away, this is the touching story about a disabled lamb who finds he has a special purpose and place in this world. Because Joshua the Lamb is different, he often feels left out - especially on a wintry night when he was left behind in a Bethlehem stable.

I can not read this book without crying (sometimes even weeping).  A few evenings ago, Sumter pulled it out of the basket we keep the Christmas books in beside the fireplace.  "Read it the way you always read it, Mom.  Read it in that voice that sounds different and so sad."  He's right.  My voice changes and gets a little hoarse about half-way through the book.  Every time I read it, I can hardly contain myself as God tells me again and again that we are all so special in our differences and disabilities - so special to HIM and what He has planned for us.  In my life and circumstances, I thank HIM so much for that.

If you don't have this book, go out and buy it TODAY!   You will send me comment after comment thanking me!!!



  1. I don't know this book--we will have to check it out!

  2. OK I'm about to cry. I have to get this one! xoxo


  3. I love Christmas traditions ~ even the ones that make you cry. I think I get just as excited rereading the family favorites as the children do.

    Enjoy your weekend~

  4. I do love The Crippled Lamb!!!! I cried reading "The Star of Melvin" to our 2nd graders' class!! You should find it if you've never read it. It's another sweet one. Yes, we would DEFINITELY be good friends!!!

  5. I go to Camp Greystone every summer, and their horses used to come from Aiken when I was a little girl!!

  6. Just found out that our Pastor is planning to stage the Ciippled Lamb during the children's Christmas Eve Service. My children will be in it - guess I better go buy the book tomorrow!


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