Sunday, December 27, 2009

Musings a Few Days After Christmas...

I honestly have been too busy/tired these past few days to even look at blogs, let alone write anything.  The husband and I have been chugging those $2.50 energy shots.  I am NOT KIDDING!  Traveling back and forth to Columbia on Christmas Eve and then back again on the 26th for my family gatherings, and then Christmas Day in between with my husband's family at our house (20 total) makes Bevy a tired girl!  So now I am catching up, still in the pjs and drinking coffee out of my new Lilly travel mug - oh, so cute!  (No, we didn't make it to church.)  The boys stayed overnight in Columbia with my parents so that their grandfather can take them out to the county to shoot their Red Rider bb guns this afternoon.

So I sound like I am complaining... I'm not.  I love our Christmas traditions.  As you can read in my December posts (and some of November), I absolutely love this holy season.  We are so blessed to have my husband's family here in Aiken.  And my family is only a little over an hour away.  Oldest son, Sumter, said, "This was the best Christmas ever!"

But youngest son, Jackson, summed it up best in a "journal" entry he wrote Christmas morning:

Funny how our children are able to say it best...


  1. I love your son's post! He definitely gets it!

  2. Very, very sweet! I wish I had energy...we've been sick...Maybe I need some of those energy thingys-

  3. That is so sweet! Tell those boys not to stick their tongues on a flagpole! Love that they have new red rider bb guns!

  4. The short hair is NEW? In my mind, it never changed. : )
    THanks for pointing me here!

  5. How sweet! It's the memories of the children that mean the most.

    Hope life has settled down just a tad for you all ~ relax and enjoy!


  6. I LOVE what J wrote and drew. SO true and so adorable. I hope you can rest and enjoy the rest of the season.

  7. Such a sweet note!!! Glad to hear it was a great holiday!!!


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