Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Home for the Holidays

So today I realized that I AM Super Woman and that decorating
your house for 100 women is not that overwhelming.
(At least I realize that the day after!)

The ladies were precious and loved everything.  One even asked my about my window treatments, which I was MORE than happy to share with her.  Lots (like a lot of you) asked about paint colors.  Maybe I went into the wrong profession - LOL!  It was so nice to be able to tell stories about different decorations and ornaments.  Another coop was that I had fresh baked cookies out for the ladies to enjoy!   In a nutshell, I absolutely loved it and loved sharing my home for the holidays.  (I only wish I had pictures of the event, but I was too busy "hostessing"!)

Now understand that my home is a REAL FAMILY'S HOME with two boys, a husband/dad in a wheelchair, and a school teacher wife/mom who is pulled in a million different directions.  I have seen many of your homes - mine can not EVEN compare to your style and elegance.  But try I did!

The Entrance

These are the presents on either side of the front door.

Love my antique marble top table with my collection of Santas.
If you zoom in, the picture is of S and J
with their cousin MS about four years ago...

New to the family is our three foot Santa welcoming
guests as they arrive for Christmas merriment!

Dining Room
I had it all in candle light for the tour, but
those pictures didn't turn out.

The Nativity scene is on my buffet.
You can see the small tea candles behind and beside.

I love seeing a Christmas tree in a front window from the street.

I covered the base of the tree with fruits and nuts.

Colored balls from the Dollar Tree in
sterling silver compotes and Revere bowls.
(Love the dichotomy!!!)

This is how we display our Christmas cards so that we can
remember our friends throughout the holidays.
At the center (zoom in) is a lovely Nativity plate to remember
that our Savior is the center of all of our relationships.

A festive wreath (I surprised myself and made!!!) on the door
out to the garage.

Breakfast Room
(Now my favorite room in the house... see 3 blog posts ago!)

Door to the back porch and deck 

Antique chest of drawers with lots of festive treats!

Love my Art of the Spirit pottery.
"Every good and perfect gift is from above..."

This plate collection is also from Art of the Spirit and handpainted.
It tells the Nativity story from the Gospel of Luke.

Advent Wreath with three candles burned...

Didn't do much in here as it really is a working office.
This funny lady used to sit outside our store, Tea Garden Gifts.
Now she is my husband's muse...
(When she's not chilling out, reading back Christmas
issues of Southern Living!)

Master Bedroom
Again, not much here but a Woof n' Poof Santa chillin' on the bed.

Living Room

This is my absolute favorite room...

My collection of Nutcrackers I started years and years ago on
my favorite piece of furniture:  an antique Imperial mahogany
chest that was my very first furniture purchase!

The basket of Christmas books by the fireplace

The other Nativity scene on the other side of the fireplace

The tree!

One of the two trees I have on my mantle

The needlepoint stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

So... there you have it.  Our home for the holidays.
And we are so blessed...


  1. Bev it's beautiful! I too have a nutcracker collection. I'm hoping to get a few shots of our home up in the next day or two. They aren't nearly as lovely as yours.

    I also buy books for each of my students as well as new school supplies that are needed by this time. They each get a package of pencils with their names engraved in them along with a fun pencil topper and sharpener. They also receive a coupon for lunch with me and I bring in a special treat. Each package is wrapped and I top it with a large homemake gingerbread girl or boy.


  2. WOW! What a GORGEOUS home. I love every bit of it! You are an amazing woman to have pulled all of that together! WOW!

  3. What a beautiful home!!! I love so many things, especially your front porch, the Christmas books by the fireplace and your painted plates!

  4. So pretty! Two questions: 1) Did you make those bows on the presents and wreaths? 2) If so, what do you charge? They're beautiful and perfect!

  5. Really, really pretty!!! Your home looks lovely!!

  6. Thanks for letting us peek in and take a tour of your beautiful Southern home! I love that you are keeping Christ in a lot of your decorations around the house!

  7. Hi Bev,
    Thanks for sharing - I love how you go all out with your Christmas decorating! It puts us to shame over in Oz! I know my daughter would just love your three foot Santa in the entrance!! Hopefully I will post some of mine later this week but do not get overly excited!

  8. Your home is beautiful and you are so sweet to share this. You can "feel" the love! I love your hand painted plates with the Nativity story and am going to Google to see if I can find them. How perfect. I'm sure it was a fabulous day.
    Merry Christmas.

  9. Gorgeous!!! I love everything - well except the funny lady - she gave me the creeps! :)

    You have a beautiful home and you are more than welcome to come over and decorate my place!

  10. Beth, She gives me the creeps too... Don't know why she is even in our house. In fact, the boys used to be scared of her!

    But thanks for loving everything else!!!

  11. Lovely! Your home looks amazing. I love all the nutcrackers-they are huge at our house. My son keeps trying to actually crack nuts with them and they don't work and he is so frustrated-LOL! I wouldn't have a car monogram either if everyone did-but no one in Atlantic City has one so I'm pumped. xoxo


  12. Oooh, your house looks so lovely! I love the entry, with the presents. Those plates are great too. We have a nutcracker collection too. I like how you have them all grouped together. Ours are spread out over the family room...Maybe I'll do a blog house tour. You have inspired me!
    Oh, and yes, that lady gives me the creeps too ;)

  13. Your decorations are phenomenal! Awe inspiring, really! Makes me want to get my decorations back out and decorate using yours as a guide! Your blog makes me smile. Thank you for that!!!!


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