Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Southern Ornaments

I should be at school right now, but I am sick in bed with a hacking cough.  So what am I doing to take my mind off of how miserable I am feeling?  Checking out all of your fun blogs in this magical and blessed season of Advent/Christmas!

Here are a few ornaments that we have on our tree.  They have all been created by using natural resources native to South Carolina - and other southern states.

Here are two sweet "okra" angels with Spanish moss for their hair...

Next, is a smiling Santa painted on a crab shell...

This little angel was born of a cotton bole from the hunting plantation of S's godfather.
Again, the Spanish moss for hair...

Another Santa, another okra!

And, another sweet angel... (I am feeling like the commentator for the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!)

This smiling snowman was once a starfish off the coast of
Pawley's Island, SC... (don't tell PETA!)

Lobster Santa isn't native.  I got him at the Cape a few years ago, but he fits in well!

OK, so natural resources didn't really play into this
Nativity Scene ornament, but I love it...
and it was made by a South Carolina native:  my son! 

Happy Advent... only 16 more days!


  1. I love lobster santas! my neighbor and I made a bunch many years ago in maine :)

  2. I HEART all of your beautiful ornaments. They are just like your lovely heart. xoxo


  3. Thanks Beth for your sweet comment! Just read some excerpts from blogs past and saw you are an Episcopalian woman of Scottish descent too... what a priceless minority we are!

  4. Your ornaments are so precious!! I love all of the okra. Did you make them? Someone is very creative!!!

  5. Our tree is also a collection of ornaments from different times and places in our life. I love, love, love the okra ornaments. I've never seen ones like that before.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon:) I guess you didnt get the memo? Moms are not allowed to get sick!

  7. I LOVE all your ornaments AND your blog. I am originally from Augusta. I was just there last week visiting my bff in Evans! I also drove over to Aiken to shop at Hobby Lobby:) I LOVE Aiken...that little downtown is soooooo cute. Aiken was actually on my short list of places to move to a few years back!


Thanks for your sweet comments... They make my day just that more Golden!