Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gold for $19.95 and an 8-Year-Old

 Jackson, our eight-year-old, came into our bedroom this morning.  I am still half asleep, and the following conversation ensues:

J:  Hey, what can I do to earn (nice that he didn't just ask for it!) $19.95?
Me:  What do you need $19.95 for?
J:  I want to buy gold.
Me:  What?!?!
J:  I saw it on TV and I want to get rich.  They have these bars (shows us the dimensions with his hands) and coins.   And they have these cool buffaloes on one side and Indians on the other.  I really think we need to buy some.
Me:  Really...
J:  Yes, the bald man with the brown mustache said they are going fast but we can buy four or five.  We really need to buy some.  Isn't that a good idea?

J walks out of the room and closes the door.
I am going to murder G. Gordon Liddy.


  1. That is hilarious! Scary that J. Gordon is influencing our kids via TV commercials. :)

  2. Pinkie loves commercials too and thinkw whatever they say is gospel. The other day she told her father that "air is the enemy of freshness" so he better squeeze all the air out of the chip bag!

  3. I've started a few mornings with those "must haves" ~ seriously!


  4. love this. i could have posted this!!!! my jackson will who be seven on saturday was trying to "raise" $20 tonight. he was counting out every coin he had. when i asked him what he wanted, he said, "brendan told me about a really cool pack of pokemon cards." he only has about 200 of them already. crazy kids. :)

  5. ROTFL That sounds so much like an 8 yo (I have one myself). :)

  6. lol too cute... my 13 year old is forever suggesting I buy the slam chop, sham wow, chia pets and the list goes on and on! Our kids are an ad agencies dream come true:) BTW how did u get the cool signature in your blog?

  7. I've enjoyed watching lots of "As Seen On Tv" commercials over the holidays w/my kids. We have gotten a real kick out of the gimmics used to sell such junk. Love this story-priceless. I just stumbled on your blog while reading another blog. I don't live too far from Aiken. Love the downtown area. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

  8. THat is so funny! Our children don't understand commercials and believe everything they hear. Congrats on 40 followers! That was FAST!!! Who designed your blog? I love the floral print!


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