Monday, February 15, 2010

"Homemade" Valentines

First of all, thank you for all your prayers for the boys' safe travel!  They made it off the mountain just fine!

Wanted to share with you Jackson's Valentine project.
(Click to get a better picture)
We bought NBA Basketball Stars Valentines a week ago, but upon further inspection, Jackson decided that the girls in his second grade class might not like them.  So he decided to color - and decorate with a Dove chocolate - individual cards for each girl.  Then, he said that the boys' cards needed something special too:  a colored frame.  He worked on this project for four hours.  Hope the kids in his class appreciated all his hard work.  

Even if they didn't, his sweet heart made my Valentines...


  1. So glad your boys made it home safely!! These are just precious. The story is so heartwarming as well. You have one very special boy who is going to make some girl very happy one day...
    You are lucky you have a long time for that next step. :)

  2. What precious Valentines! I'm glad your boys are home safe and sound:)

  3. So happy to hear that everyone made it home safe and sound.

    Love the Valentines ~ I'm sure the girls appreciated them with the sweet chocolates! What a thoughtful young man. We encourage homemade Valentines in our school ~ they always turn out so much nicer and the children take such pride in their work.


  4. Oh what a sweet and considerate ladies man!

  5. So sweet! Clearly, he's a fine young man! In a daring move, I picked out Little's valentines when she wasn't with me, and after I told her, she immediately began quietly praying, "Please, God, let them be something cool. Please let them be okay for 5th grade." They were tie-dyed peace sign designs with tattoos, so they passed the test, but she, too, decided everyone needed a little candy.

  6. That is just so sweet!!!

    And all the deleted comments-someone pressed "post comment" a few too many times!
    (Don't worry, I didn't get any controversial comments about Chicken Casserole-it is too good to have complaints!)

  7. Glad the boys got home safely. What cute Valentines!

  8. What a sweetie he is! And so thoughtful. Yes, I really hope his buddies appreciated his efforts. Glad the boys made it back safe and sound. The snow has been pretty, but it's out-lasted its welcome here. Ready for warm weather!

    Loved your comment on my V-Day post. I wish I could make it down to S.C. some day. Never been there and would love to visit. I was out-voted on vacation picks for the summer, so we'll be in Kure Beach, rather than Edisto (got a better deal on a house). Would love to meet you guys one day!


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