Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Madras Makes Me Happy

What does madras make you think of?
How does it make you feel?

I went in our store a few days ago and giggled with glee 
when I saw these madras goodies.
Love these cute belts with the tortoise shell slides.
I think of a cute look with khaki shorts, a Vineyard Vines polo, 
and classic Tretorns.
(Oh, and Tretorns can be found on and!)

I think of spring time shopping trips on a
precious downtown street
(Perhaps Laurens Street in downtown Aiken, South Carolina!)

I think of kicking up the sand at Edisto or Pawley's Island,
my two favorite beaches... and lucky blessed me to have 
family homes at each.

OK, a bit of self-promotion:  you can find all these goodies at Tea Garden!  Click on it in the post OR you can click on our store sign on the right side of my blog ANY TIME!

How does madras make you feel?


  1. We are so meant to be BFF. I didn't know you were from Aiken. I don't know if you had read that Mr. works in Aiken on the SRS. I will be on the lookout for you the next time we are visiting and cruising that adorable downtown. I am from Columbia and we still own a home there...I loved you just a little bit more when I read about meeting your mom and Mary & Martha's. :)

    I have always had such a love for madras. Anyone can pull off madras.

    Hope you're day is going well. Those flowers were GORGEOUS!! Mini #1 is doing great...he was perfect and I was so proud of him. There is some pain, but overall really wonderful. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

  2. I love the madras flip flops! Your store is adorable, too. (And one of my favorite drinks is a madras. . . vodka, orange juice, and cranberry juice.)

  3. Adorable! I know I would love your store. How do you balance all that you do?!

  4. these are so cute. i am a flip flop kinda girl. yes, you are LUCKY to have family homes at both and of course, blessed! :)

  5. That print so reminds me of my high school days and summer nights!

    Hope all is well:)

  6. OMG, I just love madras! It says all things summer to me. I'll have to visit your Web site, b/c I seriously "nee" the belt and flip flops (even though it's the middle of winter - I need something to look forward to!)

  7. I just love madras!! Makes me think of the sweet smell of summer lurking around the corner!

  8. I'll take one of each please! I'm counting down the days until I can wear such warm weather goodies.


  9. Madras makes me think I'm in the right place with the right people with the right values. Does that make sense? I see madras and feel all is right with the world....haha...

  10. I love madras too!! it makes me happy. LOVE those belts!!!

  11. Congratulations! You have been awarded the Sunshine Award! You can pick it up at my blog here

    I love madras, too!

  12. We are BIG madras fans here in the Land of Belle.

  13. I love madras, too! I don't know if you noticed my son's ski jacket in some of my posts, but it's made of several madras plaids (obviously not cotton, so it's probably not technically madras, but it has that look). I loved it when we saw it in the store but was afraid of acting too enthusiastic about it lest I kill his interest in it. 18-year-old boys don't tend to trust their mothers' tastes - ha!


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