Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Wonderland

So it did happen.  And it was beautiful.  

Snow begins falling around 3:00...

Our house...

1 1/2 inches at 5:00...

No leaves in the winter, but the snow looks so magical...

And it continues through the night...

Which gave us almost 5 inches...

Our hammock is blanketed...

A new roof for the birdfeeder...

Beautiful South Boundary in Aiken, but the snow was
beginning to melt by this time...

Many of you might be wondering where Sumter and Jackson are in all of these pictures.  Sadly, they are not at home this weekend.  Mike and I are so bummed out as we wish we could witness all the fun they are having in the snow!  They are with their Mimi and G-dad in the beautiful snowy mountains of North Carolina.  We agreed to let them go as the trip had been planned, and my father has a 4-Wheel Drive SUV.  However, we got a call last evening (THEY ARE ALRIGHT!) from my mother telling me that they skidded off a mountain road into a shallow ditch and almost tipped over.  The angels were with them as my father was able to get the SUV under control and back on the road and safely arrive at Kanuga (in Hendersonville, NC).  The boys were terrified, and my mother could hear both of them praying in the back seat.  They are fine now - snowball fights and building snowmen with friends solves everything!

My prayer request for you, sweet friends, is for a SAFE AND UNEVENTFUL TRIP BACK HOME tomorrow (Sunday).  The roads will be even icier, and I will be a nervous wreck until I can see and hug them!


  1. First of all, I am so glad the everyone is OK, even YOU! Snow and Ice are scary to travel in for the EXPERIENCED SNOW driver! This is such and unbelievable winter season. When my sister in Columbia sent a pic of a snowman, I thought she was kidding! Trust me, snow is magical, when it comes and GOES...not so magical after "3" 28+inch storms - 2 back to back....thinking about a Caribbean vaca right now! Hug those guys real tight when they walk in the door. Blessings.

  2. Oh, i am SO happy to hear that all are well. How SCARY! I will definitely PRAY for a safe return tomorrow!

  3. OMGosh... so scary. SO GLAD they are Ok. Love your photographs! Truly magical.

  4. What a beautiful winter wonderland! A fresh blanket of snow always brings a smile to the face. SO happy to hear that everyone is safe and sound.

    Enjoy your weekend alone ;)

  5. So glad your boys are okay. I'm always a little nervous when my two are away. Your snow pics are beautiful. We got about 3" below Augusta. The kids had a great time, but I am glad to see it melt- Hoping for an early SPRING.

  6. Oh my, I am so glad to hear that everyone is okay. Praying for a safe trip home tomorrow.

    We have been having so much fun in the snow here!


  7. That last pic is so pretty!! I'll praying your boys have a safe trip home tomorrow! Thanks for the Sunshine Award- that's my first blog award! :)

  8. First, I am so glad to hear that everyone is well. What a scary experience for your boys. I'll be praying for their safe journey home tomorrow. Your snow is beautiful. xoxo

  9. Beautiful photos. I will pray for safe travels for the boys and their grandparents!

  10. That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! WOW. I'm so thankful they're okay. That must have scared you to death when you heard about it! Praying over tomorrow....

  11. Beautiful snow pics! So glad ya'll got a "taste"! Praying for your boys' safe return!

  12. sooo glad they are ok!

    love your snow photos. thought of y'all when i heard "snow" for SC!!!

  13. thanks for the beautiful pics. Snow in Aiken! I wonder what my friend thinks who moved there from NJ!
    I love the one with the road & hanging trees. There is a spot like that in St Aug, FL!

    Happy Valentine's Day! Jennifer aka Gigi

  14. So glad everyone is okay.
    The photos of the snow are incredible!
    Thank you for your faithful & encouraging comments!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  15. OMgoodness - so happy everyone is OK. Scary. And the snow was beautiful, wasn't it? Ours is almost gone, but we had fun while it lasted!

  16. I am hoping and praying that the boy returned safely and you were able to get LOTS and LOTS of sweet hugs and kisses. What a scary thing, but so thankful they arrived safely and hopefully they had a wonderful weekend with their grandparents.

    We got about 5 inches too and it was beautiful. Mini #1 had such a great time playing and sledding in it while it lasted.

  17. I know I made terrible fun of my sweet Hank and his excitement over the impending snow...but I have to admit...once we really GOT snow, it was beautiful.

  18. Great snow photos... in Miami we don't have any so it's nice to see them... ;)


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