Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday's Kitchen Inspirations

In reading more and more blogs, I have noticed that many of you cute girls have a weekly "thing" that you share each week.  I know you are all so excited and are waiting with baited breath to be inspired with a new fabu recipe to share with your family.  But I am not a gourmet... and though I do enjoy it, cooking does not inspire me.

This does.  I have pictures all over my kitchen, as that is where I spend most of my time.  I add pictures.  I switch them out.  I add more.  Some are in acrylic frames.  Some are clipped to the bulletin board.  Some are on the fridge.  I love these pictures and the people in them!

So... every week, I will share one photo that is a
"Kitchen Inspiration".

This is my sweet Aunt Laura (Aunt LaLa to the kiddos) a few 
summers ago at our family's annual week at Kanuga, 
in the mountains of North Carolina.
She is the best... My sister and I loved her so much as little girls
and so do our children! 
I absolutely love this picture of her, Sumter and Jackson 
and their sweet little cousins.  
They were playing "band" and were having so much fun.  
My two were in shorts and Masters and Edisto t-shirts 
(typical boys)... 
Look at my cute nieces in their matching 
monogrammed dresses and monster grosgrain bows! 



  1. Ha! Your Aunt's name is too funny! I thought I was the only La-La in the world! Love the pic!

  2. Once in awhile I get on a tear and remove most all the pics from the frig, but it doesn't take me long to add new ones. Love your inspiration- precious kids.

  3. Thanks so much for your nice note! I get so excited about my notes and the fact that anyone actually reads my posts :) My sister is Aunt RaRa (Robyn) to my kids. LaLa and RaRa sounds like fun! Your boys are darling!

    We are trapped in another snow storm here in MD. Hope youa re warm! Wendy

  4. Adorable!! I love pictures too. The problem is that sometimes I can't bear to take down old pictures because of the memories!

  5. I had a friend growing up named LaLa, I REALLY don't know what it was short for since EVERYONE called her Lala! Love the photo and the expressions tell it all! Thanks.

  6. Great post! I love the photo, especially the helicopter bows! You have to swing by when you are en route to Kanuga!

  7. oh your boys are adorable!! so lucky to have great family, and yay for your kitchen posts!

  8. Love the name LaLa. Too cute! Your boys and their cousins are absolutely precious. Hope you have a wonderful day. xoxo

  9. What an adorable picture! I love pictures too and have them ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

  10. Oh they are so cute. THANK YOU for your prayers for Nickie:)

  11. Bless LaLa's heart! The boys and girls are darling!

  12. finally got my award up - thank you!!!


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