Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sun-body Loves Me! (... and my manners!)

Yesterday, I was inspired by my cute friends 
Bethany and Sara
and used a gift certificate for a pedicure 
to get these tootsies ready for SPRING!!!  
How wonderful... 
How relaxing... 
How come I don't do this more often?  
And it made me realize that...

Sun-body Loves Me
by OPI

OH... and it's definitely a Golden Day!  Entertaining House asked me to write for Mind Your Manners Monday, and I invite you to visit her blog (Monday the 8th).  I think hope you will be inspired!


  1. My husband treated me to one recently and it was wonderful! You are so right, we should do it more often.

    Enjoy the sunshine ~

  2. I can't wait to post your WONDERFUL post tomorrow... It is outstanding!!! All the rest of you will have to keep waiting ;)

  3. I'm still holding on to my gift certificate for that first pedicure of the season! I was following you on Twitter and when I read your tweet, I was like, "Aw man!! Wish I could do that today, too!" Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Hey! We think alike-I have that SAME color on my toes...Seriously!!!
    Bring on Spring!

  5. You are way too cute!! I cant' wait to read your post tomorrow on J's blog. I bet your toes are fabulous!! I like "You're a Pisa Work" on my toes but your color is great too!

  6. Jessica just told me about the post and I wanted to say I cannot wait to read it. have been on crutches all week and have a taste for life with a diffibility, I think it is a must have for anyone -- my eyes are so very wide open now. Looking forward to reading it

  7. Stopping by from Jessica's site...GREAT post! I've nosed around here as well. You have a very touching story! :)

  8. I broke out the OPI over the weekend too! Can't wait until Spring officially hits! :-) Have a great week! XOXO

  9. What a happy Spring color. I can't wait to read your guest post:)

  10. If I could I would get one everyday!

  11. These toes will definitely need some work before they come out to play this Spring!

    I thought of you at school today...I was dropping off and had to run in for a minute. When I came back out I ran into my very able bodied neighbor who works at the school parking in the handicap spot. She had a placard in her card (her parents who live with her I suspect) and had parked and headed off to work. I was wondering what Bevy would do!


Thanks for your sweet comments... They make my day just that more Golden!