Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Command Performance

Every year, the first Sunday in May, I make sure my boys' hair is combed perfectly, their madras or seersucker shirts are pressed, and their manners are fit for the queen.  Today is the "command performance" of the year, for today is the annual picnic at Still Hopes, the Episcopal Retirement Home where GrandMuz resides.   The flowers are blooming in the manicured beds, and it is the day where all the lovely, little old ladies show off their families... especially the grands and great-grands!  (It is a day that is a "reoccurring" event on my calendar.)

I had to giggle as we arrived.  I thought of Tickled Pink and Green's "I Spy a Preppy" posts.  She would have had a field day here.  Little boys in their Vineyard Vines polos and belts.  Bigger boys in madras (mine in Kelly's Kids). Girls in their Lilly Minnie shifts with great big grosgrain bows in their hair.  Babies in smocked bubbles and jon jons.  Women in their Jack Rogers and Lilly skirts (oh, wait... that was me too!).  Men in Lacoste, Southern Tide, Brooks Brothers, and Masters (guess that is a southern thing!) polos.  All here for the "command performance" at Still Hopes.

I used to wonder why it was named Still Hopes.  As a child, I always thought it was an absolutely horrible name.  I could just hear someone say, "It's ok, Mrs. Jones... there's still hope..."  Actually, the land was an old plantation named Still Hopes on the banks of the scenic Congaree River.  The mansion still stands and has lovely dining and drawing rooms where the residents can hold elegant catered dinner and cocktail parties.  With this, the lovely Bistro and formal dining room, and state-of-the-art Wellness Center, Mike and I are ready to put our deposit down as we are ready to move!  LOL

My grandmother also loves it here.  She has a precious apartment on "the floor" as she says.  The way she talks, it reminds me of my college days in my all-girls college.  They leave little treats at each others doors.  They get together to go to the symphony or choral society.  On birthdays, each lady takes turns holding the  birthday brunch.  So reminds me of Converse!

But I digress... GrandMuz loves to show us off.  She loves to introduce my boys to her friends, have them walk her to the dessert table, introduce them to her friends, go on the carriage ride, introduce them to her friends.  You get the idea!  And both boys rose to the occasion, as my mother loves to say.  They were sweaty hot.  They wanted to untuck their shirts.  But they smiled and hugged, and complied with every request.  Even posed pictures for their mama!

The staff put together a wonderful event.  Valet parking with men in bright turquoise polo shirts driving golf carts greeted us at the gates.   Huge white tents were set up all over the front lawn.  Blue table cloths covered the tables.  For lunch they served barbeque with all the fixins' and too many desserts to count, including my personal southern favorite:  peach ice cream.  Perfect for a warm spring day!  Other events to celebrate the first of May were...

A horse-drawn carriage took the residents and their guests 
for trips around the beautiful grounds.

Some children were coaxed to do the traditional Maypole dance.  
Too bad my boys were on the carriage ride when it began.  
But I don't think I could have convinced them to do it... sigh

A putting green for pro-golfers in-training...

Thank you for a wonderful day, GrandMuz.  It was Golden...


  1. Your boys look lovely! What a lovely day... I love the name Still Hopes. I think it is inspirational and sends a positive message. I also love the May Pole. Our school celebrates May Day but since it fell on a Saturday this year and since Grandparent's Day at the school falls on Friday the children will celebrate May Day with their grandparents. I think it is lovely!

  2. What a wonderful place to live!!! I know your GrandMuz was so happy and delighted to show all of you off to her friends! We just missed seeing a picture of beautiful YOU!

  3. What a beautiful post...thank you so much for sharing!

  4. What a wonderful place to live out your life! I know GrandMuz enjoyed the visit from two handsome boys. The look adorable in their matching oufits.

  5. Bevy, you have to turn your blog into a book. You have such wonderful posts about your fantastic family. Your boys are so cute and their outfits coordinate with GrandMuz! I wouldn't mind living at Still Hopes if I had a family like yours!

  6. what a wonderful day to celebrate, welcome in summer and spend time with GrandMuz! i would love to move into the old plantation today! sounds like a perfect place to dwell!

  7. What a nice day! Sounds similar to the place where my Nana lives. It's so pretty that I want to live there when I am an old lady. Your boys, as always, are perfect gentlemen.

  8. Sounds like a nice day. I love when it's warm enough to wear my Jack Rogers. I just bought a new pair on thei updated website and I got a pair for my daughter! Too bad they don't make shoes for boys...

  9. Still Hopes is such a special place, so I'm sure it truly is the perfect place for your grandmother. The boys look fabulous as usual and with your goodlooking and sweet family, it is very obvious why she loves to show you all off. :)

  10. What a lovely day! That pic of Grandmuz and your precious boys is positively frameable!

  11. seems like fun...I just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed strolling down your previous posts. lovely blog. count me as one of your followers verbena cottage

  12. How cute are your boys?! Love the matching outfits. And what a lovely place where your grandmother resides. Love the Maypole - how sweet!

  13. what a great tradition!!! i love your photo the boys with "Grand M"!

    i am sporting my searsucker capris today...thinking of your previous post! :)

  14. Awww...the Maypole dance, certainly brings back some boarding school memories for me! Thanks for reminding my of my youth, hee! hee!

  15. Oh yeeees I would have been having a field day with my PrepCam! haha...

    P.S. I was looking for my "tag" ?


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