Friday, May 28, 2010

What's in Your Wallet?

Three more days… and half days at that!  Which really just means babysitting and coming up with “educational activities” for the children to do between the parties, grade level plays/musicals, and awards celebrations.  What’s a teacher to do?

Well, I actually DID do something for the past week that I hope and pray will be a life lesson for my fourth graders.  (And it did tie in with our Math standards!)  I borrowed from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  (If you don’t know about him, you need to!  My husband and I took his class last year.) My students learned how to budget, write checks and use debit cards, and were introduced to the evil “Overdraft Monster” and his partner-in-crime, the “Interest Oppressor”.

Below is a copy of the checkbook and Debit Card we made.  (Sorry the quality isn’t that great… took it with my cell phone!)

It was great teaching them about how debit cards are much safer and have less risk than the evil credit card.  They even started calling it the “C Word” and yelled it out whenever I said the word “credit card”!  We calculated how much the “Interest Oppressor” charged if you only made your minimum credit card payment each month… and were shocked that a $199.00 IPod Touch would actually be $225.00 and would take one year and three moths to pay off!  You might not even want it anymore!  You might want a new version!

These children learned the value of saving their money and the idea of delayed gratification.  It was funny hearing the stories they told about their parents…  Made me think I need a few parent/teacher conferences!  (Or maybe not… Pawley’s Island is calling me name…)


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I wish my 4th grade daughter had YOU as a teacher.....your end of year gift from us would be HUGE!! Seriously, you are so awesome for teaching your students this important valuable lesson. I hope more than ever, that we will someday "meet up" as we trek to Clemson back and forth!
    Have a great long weekend! :)

  2. Skip the conferences and head to the beach house girl! You deserve it after 8 months of teaching!

    Can't wait 'til you're done for the summer and we can chat!

  3. What a fantastic lesson! I know how tough it can be to "structure" the last few days. More than one student has asked me, "Are we going to do anything today???" It took strength not to give a sarcastic answer!

    So many children today have money, but very few are taught how to manage it responsibly. Wouldn't you love to come to Maryland to teach my minnies next year??

  4. what a great lesson! however, I've always been a strictly credit card girl myself- must build good credit!

  5. You are a GREAT teacher!!! Good for you. Enjoy your last few days!

  6. What a great lesson! & I love your enthusiasm. I wish I heard more teachers talk w/ such joy&optimism about their students.

    Enjoy the long weekend!

  7. Good job, Bevy! Mister and I did the Dave Ramsey class as well--so, so good. We are definitely hoping our children "get" that credit quickly becomes "dreadit." Enjoy your time at Pawley's!

  8. Well done Bevy! Now head to the beach, I know I am longing for some R&R. Looking forward to having you grace my pages on Friday.

  9. I SO want my children to take a class like that!

  10. I think that is an incredible idea! What a great way to help set kiddos up for a bright future!


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