Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Born to Hand Jive Baby!

It is that time of year, and I have loved reading about what you and those of you who have children are doing as the school year is ending. This year is rather bittersweet as Sumter is leaving the elementary school he has loved ever since we moved here. Although he is looking forward to middle school, he does not want his fifth grade year to end. (And our last day is Thursday!) For the fifth grade production this class did a medley from the musical Grease. How cute they all looked! Sumter was so cool in his white t-shirt and jeans like a T-Bird. And the girls were all precious in their Pink Ladies get-ups!

Here is Sumter and a Pink Lady cutie-pie!
(This was post-show and he had already untucked his t-shirt.)

These cute kiddos also did an amazing waltz for the
fourth and fifth grade chorus number
immediately before their production.
It's only 15 seconds, so you MUST SEE IT!!!

Sumter and his fellow T-Birds

If you have more than 15 seconds, here is "Hand Jive". 
The kids really didn't sing, they just danced their little fannies off!

It really was great and I was so proud.  Other songs they danced to were "Grease Lightnin", "Beauty School Drop-out", "Those Magic Changes", and finally, "We Go Together".  How fitting that was the last song they performed together as a grade as that was the last song in the musical!  Sumter and his buds were happy, but were also a little sad.  Glad they still have the summer!


  1. He was fabulous!! I love how he was so into it!

  2. Oh what a cutie! He is going to ROCK the middle school. Really enjoyed watching. Just loved how they were all dressed too! Bittersweet...yeah I know it too well!

  3. Oh Bevy this is just too sweet, I love it! He looks so happy!! :)

  4. What fun ~ your son is adorable! I so miss attending these school productions as a mom.


  5. LOVE IT!!! What a sweet, sweet boy! He is so cute and did such a wonderful job...quite the production and he just looks so happy. Summer lovin' more day!!!

  6. Hoe cute were they. I was so impressed with the waltzing but I REALLY loved the hand jibe. Sumter was quite good. Happy Summer!!!

  7. How adorable! I love that song xoxo


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