Friday, June 11, 2010

They Never Fail to Surprise Me...

Today was day two of summer vacation sur la casa Bevy.  (Remember we spent four "glorious" days at Pawley's Island.)  Because I know that every day - and I mean EVERY DAY - must have something planned, we went to the club to hit golf balls at the driving range.  Silly me thought that all I had to do was tell S. to put on a collared shirt and shorts with a belt.  He is eleven, is he not?  He can dress himself, can he not?  He can match clothing, can he not?
  Surprise!  Stripes and Plaid?!?!?!  Obviously not.
(And yes, I did make him change...)

But wait, I was surprised yet again!  After we came home and made our first tomato sandwiches of the summer, J. announced that he needed to clean out and organize his room.  This is my completely unorganized child who kicks his dirty socks all over the room and stuffs toys, papers, and books wherever they may go.  When I heard those magic words, I IMMEDIATELY stopped what I was doing and jumped on board.  Oh. my. word.  We threw out four trash bags of broken toys and random papers.  J. was so proud of his hard work and put together a box of toys to take to Helping Hands.  It actually made me quite sad to see him put all of his "mens" (what he called his action figures) in there.  "Mom, I'm getting older now.  I don't need play with those anymore."  But I think he is rather proud of his room now and wants to keep it this way... and I quote, "for always".

One son's bedroom down, another one and a playroom to go!  Wish us me luck...


  1. hah!!!! did you see the pic of the boys I posted last weekend? YOU HAVE TO!!!

    How bittersweet that he has outgrown his "mens" -- I'm envisioning a Toy Story 4 thing going on here!

  2. What sweet boys!! I'm sad about the "mens" for you!! They grow up too quickly. However, way to go on the clean up! You should see my house as we are STILL putting away clean clothes from after camp! Whew! One day I'll have a perfect house... One day I'll have a perfect house... One day...

  3. Love the outfit. This morning I told my son to not wear a certain pair of shorts out of the house. My daughter consistently chooses interesting clothing combinations.

    Wow on the clean out. I think I would pass out if my daughter suggested a clean out. My son gave up a lot of his toys a couple of years ago when he really got into sports, but he still likes to hide things under the bed and armoire. At least twice a week I have to remind him I can see those things.

  4. The clean out is pretty amazing! I would have been ALL. OVER. THAT. because it almost never happens in my house, and is certainly not at the suggestion of mini-people.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. At our house, they're "guyses".

  6. Oh, yay for the clean-out but sad about the "mens." Last summer our three decided they wanted a "cool" playroom and not a "baby" one (this is what comes of leaving the Pottery Barn Teen Catalog lying around!), so I was all over that and then the Mister and I couldn't bear to get rid of some of it, so the Lincoln Logs, Legos, Brio train, Matchbox cars, and lots of blocks are packed up waiting for the "grands." The "mens," however, are gone, and so, thank goodness, are those half-naked Barbies and GI Joes.

  7. Ah...I am envious of your time at Pawley's. I believe I just might have to make a tomato pie tonight.

  8. Lord have mercy that's neat and tidy! Love his little mismatched outfit! boys...

  9. Love the outfit. I would have made Mini #1 change too. :) Sometimes I wonder what the Mr. and both children would look like if I wasn't around to ensure that stripes and plaids weren't put together. :)

    I am sad for the "mens" and for you too. I dread this day when the trains are put away.

    Hope you're having a great week.


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