Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tomorrow IS Another Day

Philippians 1:3 sums it up:  "I thank my God every time I think of you."  And I do mean all of you! 

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I laughed and laughed at all of your supportive comments after my rant.  I even shared them with my mother (Mimi) who doubled over a few times!  It's so nice to know you have all been there... And it did make me feel better to write it out.  Travelbugmom, thanks for mentioning that.  Aundrea suggested that I close my eyes, put my fingers in my ears and say "La-la-la-la!"  Entertaining Mom gave me the rundown of her psycho children (and I say that will all love and affection!) afternoon.  And Mama Henley kindly reminded my that "tomorrow is another day".

Well, guess what?  I didn't have to wait for tomorrow!  Actually, that afternoon turned out to be lovely!  Daddy calmed down after the SUV catastrope and hitched the boat up to Mimi's SUV for a lovely outing on the Wacamaw and Pee Dee rivers.  It was just fabulous with all children getting along, listening to adults, and having a marvelous time.  We stayed out for about three hours and were able to share all sorts of treats and historical places with Sumter's friend:  plantations on the banks of the rivers, Sandy Island, where descendants of southern slaves still live and call home...  and this 10 foot gator swimming in one of the fingers of the river!

Stay turned for more tales and pictures from yesterday's historic adventure... It did turn out to be slightly Golden after all!


  1. Some days, "slightly" is better than nothing. Glad you are feeling better. It must have been the cosmo drip!

  2. so glad your day is better... LOL at my psycho children!!! And today's a new day but sadly is far from being better... I really need a(nother) trip to Lilly! Or a cocktail... or both!

  3. Bless your heart, Bevy!!! I'm glad your afternoon was better! I can't wait to hear about today's adventures.

  4. See, you just needed to get it all out. So glad you had a wonderful afternoon and those boys straightened up quickly! Can't wait to hear more about the adventure and what you all did today!

  5. ....I'm still staring at that GATOR...please tell me your boys we not in the water with that thang!!
    Proverbs 27:9
    The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense.
    Glad we could all help!

  6. Hi there! Just thought you would like to know I included a link to your post in my post today. Hope it makes you smile!

  7. Your blog just made my morning! So glad that I found you today though the Friday Follow! Have a wonderful weekend!


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