Sunday, June 27, 2010

Total Eclipse of... Camp?

Two days ago, Mike and I dropped Jackson off at camp for a week.  The same Episcopal Diocesan camp where I was a Counselor-in-Training (CIT) back in 1983 at the age of fourteen.  Yes, I am dating myself tremendously!  Although I have been back for church picnics and the like, I have not been back for camp in twenty-seven years.

As we helped Jackson unpack and make his bed, hundreds of memories flooded back.  Some were of swimming in the lake, others were of working with the campers.  But remember, I was fourteen.  Quite a few were of my first real kiss, the friends that I said I would stay friend with 4+ever, the pig-latin type secret language the female staff members created much to the consternation of the males, and finally the Top 40 songs we listened to on portable radio when we were on Night Duty so that the real counselors could have some down time until 11:00.  I giggle at how those songs were so "meaningful" to us at the time:
  • 1999 by Prince
  • Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics
  • The ENTIRE Thriller album by Michael Jackson
  • Human Touch by Rick Springfield (probably not his most memorable)
But the one I loved, loved, loved so much was Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart.  So I came home to wax poetic and hopefully watch the video on YouTube. Imagine my delight to find this LITERAL interpretation instead!  I don't care if you don't think you have the time to watch it, you MUST!  You will thank me later!

Oh, and there are plenty of other literal videos out there... you really will laugh until your sides hurt and you spit out your cosmopolitan!


    1. OMG!!! That. was. HILARIOUS!!! And what eye-liner, too!! LOVE the '80's!!

    2. Fuunnnnnyyy!!! Hope Jackson has a great time at camp!

    3. Funny!!!- I love the eighties music. My kids are hooked on Michael Jackson and Prince. You know my daughter thinks her little friend in heaven is going to meet Michael Jackson and just love his music. I always listen to eighties music as I drive to school-really gets me ready for the day.

    4. That was a hoot!! I was laughing so hard my hubby had to know what I was watching!! Thanks for sharing!

    5. That was hi-larious! Thanks--I needed that laugh!

    6. That was too funny, there are so many creative people out there!

    7. OMG I love it! the camp memories are the best! I went to an all girl camp so no kissing for me! LOL. Can't wait to rent the program!!!

    8. I had seen that before. Very funny!
      Betty Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
      Paul Young - Love of the Common People
      The Police -- the ENTIRE Synchronicity album, esp Every Breath You Take
      Bruce Springsteen -- Born in the USA
      Howard Jones -- No one is to blame
      Thompson Twins -- hold me now

      need more?!!!

      I just put some Steve Winwood on my ipod!

    9. I am CRACKING up!! Made my family watch and we all were laughing!
      I will NOT tell how much older I am than YOU, but I LOVED THE 80's too~
      Thanks for the memories!!!
      PS Your little buddy will be home soon enough!!

    10. Awww! When you go pick him up you and Mike should visit the spot of your first kiss and share one of your own.

    11. oh, what memories summer camp brings back, right?!?
      i loved going to Camp Sumatunga in Alabama, and am hoping to take Muffy back there some day, too.
      We listened to A LOT of James Taylor at my camp, but then R.E.M. was just hitting the Indie scene (late 80s/early 90s) so we listened to them too. We had to be careful, it was, afterall, church camp! My first love came from camp, too!!! ahhh, tears!

    12. Have such fond memories of camp!


    Thanks for your sweet comments... They make my day just that more Golden!