Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday's Kitchen Inspirations

This is all I've got.  And yes, it is a lovely view from our front porch.  And yes, I am at Pawley's Island for four days.  But I am s-p-e-n-t spent.  I am done.  I need a cosmo cocktail drip. 

Why do you say that, Miss "It's a Golden Day" Bevy?  You tend to be so positive and glass half-full even in hard times.

Because I have reached my limit.  Read on...
  • My children, who are very well-behaved around others, have shown they are also possessed little buttheads.  (Now remember, I have REACHED MY LIMIT as I am writing this post!!!)
  • Sumter has a friend down here and Jackson doesn't. 
  • Because of previous reason, Jackson is spending every moment of his waking moments bothering his older brother and friend.
  • Because of previous reason, Sumter is yelling and whining at younger brother and ME (yes, I don't handle THAT very well at all).
  • One fist fight ensues at 10:00 pm. over a portable DVD player.
  • DVD player is confiscated until we get back home, as well as Sumter's pre-paid only cell phone.  (post about that later)
  • The floor is being repaired in the kitchen and they found rotten wood underneath.  The entire contents of the kitchen are on the dining table in the sunroom.
  • The refridgerator is in the hall, the dishwasher and stove are on the front porch and will be until Wednesday afternoon.
  • We can not cook ANYTHING.
  • On the beach, Sumter is being an obnoxious 11-yr-old, not listening and showing off his skim boarding tricks.
  • Jackson tells me I am a bad mom for not letting him wear $50.00 Brooks Brothers emboidered lobster seersucker shorts to go crabbing in.
  • I spend one hour in a surf shop while Sumter and friend pick out shell bracelets for their girlfriends.  OMW... they are only 11!
  • Jackson is whining to his G-dad over the PFD (life preserver) he has to have for the planned boat ride today.
  • G-dad yells he HAS HAD IT!
  • After packing for planned boat ride in the river, G-dad's old Explorer will not start after boat has been packed for planned boat ride.
  • More whining.
  • Not one vegetable has been eaten by any child.
  • My poor parents are having to deal with this.
  • I miss my husband.
  • I am NOT inspired today. 


  1. I'm feel ya, sista friend! There are days where the term "butthead" doesn't cover it when the kids are acting up. Hope you can find some quiet time, feet up and enjoy the sound of the surf, with drink in hand. I'm hoping to make it to the beach this weekend (God willing Mom is doing better). Hope your vacation improves!

  2. Oh Bevy, what a crappy time! Hope things get better soon!

  3. Sister, you need a drink! Make it a big one, and while you are at it, have one for me too! That should start to take the edge off!
    Hope it gets better!

  4. Bless you, dear Bevy! As Scarlett said, "Tomorrow is another day!" Hang in there. Maybe you and your parents can get a sitter to relieve you for a few hours tonight so that you can go to Frank's! Isn't a bad day at the beach better than a good day at home? Hang in there!!!!!

  5. Sorry had to remove the above comment, I found a word spelled incorrectly and the teacher in me can not stand that!!!

    Once again, we all have days like this! At least the view is great even if the children are not!

    It will get better.

  6. My advice?
    1. Place fingers in ears
    2. Tilt head back
    3. Close eyes
    4. Repeat la-la, la-la, la-la over and over until you feel better (or need to take another drink)!!
    Deep breaths my friend :)

  7. Here's hoping just by writing this you feel better! Sometimes venting is the best remedy! If not, I agree with all of the above....deep breath, drink, and CALL FOR HELP!!!
    PS. Mama Henley is right, BAD day at beach TRUMPS any day elsewhere!! xoxooxox

  8. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  9. Oh, I am sorry for your day. BUT, so happy to know that we all have days like this. I have serious doubts as to whether or not J and C will even make it through the summer. They are not even on break yet, and the attitude has started. Last summer we had to do "Mommy Manner Camp" and it's looking as if they will be repeat campers this year. And Mommy is NO fun during Manner Camp! Hang in there sweetie, it will get better!!!

  10. Oh, Bevy, bless your heart! I had "hit my limit" before you even got to the kitchen troubles!

    I hope things improve soon! Where is that cosmo?

  11. Oh no, it's too early for such summer vacation "fun" to be in full swing ;)

    {5 more days ~ yeah!}

  12. Oh sista...I am SO with you except on my lousy medical diet...I cannot even have a glass of wine let alone a cosmo. My boys are driving me NUTS! I plan on posting about it tomorrow. So sorry.

  13. Oh dear! I pray it will turn around for you soon...

  14. Ughs and Hugs... My kids finished school today and were BEASTIE when we got home. I had a 3:40 Dr apt this afternoon. We opted not to go to Christopher's class party at the beach because we would have had to come home, change, go to beach, stay at most two hours, come home, change, go to Drs. then rush out to take Rebecca to graduation at school. So when R and C said they did not really want to go to the beach I said great (jumped for joy, actually!) and we got home and they bickered and bickered and bickered. Rebecca was complaining about her brothers and her brothers were complaining about her. I was going to leave her in charge and pay her to sit... until she declared emphatically that she was not going to watch her brothers. Cancel my Dr. apt? DH called and said his day was short and he would be able to watch the kiddos... great. Then I get to Dr and text Gabi that the kids are driving me bonkers! And wait and wait and wait and wait... almost an hour and a half! Then I had to cancel Dr apt because I had a half hour to get Becca and get her to graduation in another town. (Dr. was at computer typing a report of sorts, was backed up and apologized profusely. Have apt rescheduled tomorrow at 4pm... my PT is at 6... wanna place a bet that either PT or my apt will get canceled tomorrow??!!!)

    I am so not glad that school is out!!!

  15. Girlfriend! If I had only read your post earlier I could have come to your rescue with that cosmo cocktail drip! I was kid free all day and could have come help you take on those rascals. We just might have won! Hope your day improved as the sun set- what a gloriously beautiful day here in Pawleys Island. I see you are leaving tomorrow-let me know next time you are here!

  16. I feel your pain. Since Monday my drama queen has screamed or pretended to cry everytime she hasn't gotten her way. Yesterday she laid in the floor and kicked and screamed when I told her it was quiet time (lay on your bed and read a book- possibly fall asleep). I explained to her earlier this week she would get a reason to cry each time she did pitched a fit. She is getting the hang of it- finally.

  17. Oh sweet friend do I know what you are going through. Oh goodness I do and this is the time when you say "Who are these children and why are they calling me mom?"

    I hope you get some time to be one with the sound of the ocean, feel of the sand, and the ability to close your eyes and take yourself away.

    I'll have some of that cosmo drip when you get it all working and hookedup. Just think of how rich and famous you could be if you get that cosmo drip thing patented and mainstreamed...how is that for inspiration? I hope things get better and those boys realize the error of their ways!

  18. Oh, I have been there and no doubt will be again, but I have to say that as they get older, they begin to enjoy each other's company, and most of the buttheadedness fades away. Most of it.


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