Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Just Her Persona

...has left the building. No, I'm not talking about Elvis. I'm talking about the Emporess of the media, Oprah. This week the waves have been all atwitter with her last show. Blogs have been written. Facebook postings have been updated. I even have one friend who wrote as her FB statusthat she got all misty-eyed watching the last episode. All of America is deeply saddened they won't be able to watch her - daily.

OK, almost of America. (Deep breath and getting ready for the vegetable throwing). Because I am not. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate her. I don't even dislike her. I really do admire her. This woman has overcome so much in her life. Poverty and abuse I can not even imagine. How she rose above it with grace and determination is the story that inspires us all.

In addition, she has given back... and so freely. Whether it be founding a girls' school in Africa or her "Oprah's Favorite Things" shows. This woman is a giver. And passionate at that!

So what is my issue? What is it that bothers me? What makes me an "Oprah Scrooge"?

I think it is what Oprah - or her persona - has become. Oprah suggests a book and it immediately becomes a bestseller. Oprah endorses a candidate and the world follows her lead. Oprah decides "meat is murder" (Remember the Texas beef debacle?) and it becomes national news - for weeks. Watch out if Oprah disagrees or passionately condemns you... You can hang it up in the eyes of public opinion. Even her new cable network's letters spell OWN. That seems a bit egocentric of her people in my book. (I know they stand for Oprah Winfrey Network, but come on.) I'm now waiting for the gospel according to Oprah to come out. I'm sure it will top the charts. I find it bizarre and a little frightening.

But perhaps all of the hoopla is our fault, not hers. And I feel that we do this to so many famous people. We put them on pedestals. We listen to everything they say. (And if we don't... well then we should!) We bestow on them the power to create and influence the many decisions we as Americans make - whether they are accountable or not. We build them up to be almost God-like. We blind ourselves to the fact that in the whole scheme of life, they are just like us.

And so I'm sorry Oprah. But I think she, herself, just may agree... At least a little.


  1. I could not have said it better. Just one question for her-why hasn't she married Stedman?

  2. I picked up a can of corn and then I realized you were right on point. I fed the kids instead. I remember when I worked at Whole Foods, a gaggle of women came in to buy neti pots, just as Oprah recommended. I think that she's build a reputation of providing reliable information and that's why Dr. Oz is probably so famous.

  3. I totally agree with everything you said:)

  4. I have had a love/hate relationship with Oprah for quite a while now!!! However, O Magazine rocks!! It's not all about her: awesome book recommendations, beauty tips, & wonderful recipes & articles. I absolutely love it. Thank goodness, the magazine will go on!!!

  5. Well said, my friend. Just to illustrate just how much I am NOT into Oprah- I didn't even know she was airing her last show until the day after. I think she could have had a huge impact for so many good things, but instead wasted alot of time on silly things. Don't get me wrong, she did some good things, but she could have really set a better bar (if you get my drift).

  6. I struggle more about her not believing in God. I didn't watch her final episode but someone said that God was mentioned more times in the last show than in all 25 years. Another said that at the end she said, "To God Be The Glory." Like I said, I didn't watch it but I have mixed feelings about her religious views.

    Have a Happy Weekend!

  7. Okay I will admit I agree. A little!


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