Friday, May 6, 2011

Recipes Our Mothers Love

This is the week I dread: the week before standardized testing. It's the week we cram and review all we have taught the past year. In a word: stress. But this year I decided that we needed a little diversion, and being the week before Mother's Day, we had a wonderful opportunity to work on our gift.

The past few years, I have culminated a poetry unit with the children writing a multi-stanza poem honoring their mother. It always gets rave reviews, but this year I was inspired by Lindsey at All Things Bright and Beautiful. Lindsey is a first year teacher and blogged about her students creating a class recipe book. I told her I loved the idea and that I was going to "steal" it... And so I did! For Mother's Day!

The children all brought recipes from home, telling their moms that they needed one for a math project on measurement. (Well, they were telling the truth in a round-about way!) They loved the secret and the surprise they had in store for their moms. The day the recipes were due, they literally stormed my desk with "Look! Look! Look at my recipe!" They later rewrote the directions in paragraph form, using sequencing and transition words (i.e. first, next, then, meanwhile, last, etc.) so as to cover state Language arts standards. We also discussed units of measurement - Go math standards! (And don't you know I used the paragraph as a writing grade?!)

They had such fun typing their recipes out, illustrating the pages, and sharing them with the class. And what great recipes! After making 25 copies (You know I had to have one!), I passed them out to the kids. I think they turned out too cute!

Of course I had to add my own recipe Golden Day Banana Bread...

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!


  1. Bevy! That is so cute and creative! Their Moms are going to be so happy!!!!

  2. My daughter's kindergarten class did this this week too!! Each page was a picture of the child in a chef's hat with a brief description of their favorite meal and then also the favorite recipe of the mom which they stragtegically had us E-mail in months ago!!

    Our books are sooo cute and I will love it forever (and a lot of the recipes are GREAT!!)

    I know your mother's all loved your creativity!!

    And Happy Mamma's Day to YOU, Poodle!


  3. What a precious idea!
    Happy Mothers Day to YOU!

  4. Such a cute idea. I am sure their mothers will love their special gift!


  5. What a lovely idea. I'm sure the Mothers will be so pleased.

  6. Our testing is behind us ~ yea!
    Love this idea and will certainly bring a smile to all the mother's faces. There are some really great ideas out there. This year I did aprons with my guys ~ a lot of work but so much fun!


  7. Loved that you did that too- I'm sure all the moms will be thrilled this weekend.. AND way to tie in the standards.. ;)

  8. sweet and creative! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  9. What a wonderful idea. I would cherish that book. You sound like one amazing teacher!! Hope you had a wonderful mother's day with your boys!


  10. You are awesome!!!! I would have treasured a recipe book. I was lucky enough to receive a book from Buddy all about me. I cried and cried over it. I am so thankful for his sweet heart.


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